Our Approach

At Millers we believe buying a piano should be a special, a unique personal experience. Every client and their requirements are different, our team try to understand what it is that is required and treat each client as an individual. Some clients may value:

  • A better quality stool to last or for when they upgrade their piano in the future
  • A piano stool with storage rather than a rise and fall stool
  • Better headphones as they will be practising silently more
  • Some may not want headphones at all because this is for a young child who you need to ensure is learning correctly

That's why we have developed our personalised piano builder with a carefully selecting a range of quality products from the world's best manufacturers.

Our Promise

We will source from equitable and sustainable suppliers. 

We won't force you to buy bundles with cheap, inferior products that don't last or don't suit your requirements. 

At Millers we care about our clients and want you to have the best possible experience, we find it inconceivable that you would invest in a quality instrument and then have the experience spoiled by cheap accessories. Instead we allow you to select exactly the items you require whilst still saving you money. 

With this approach we hope to stop the influx of cheaper inferior product that don't last, preventing unnecessary waste and helping save the planet.

If you have more specific requirements please contact our team on 01223 354 452 or email support@millersmusic.co.uk