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C.Bechstein Residence Finish / Material: Black (Polished) C.Bechstein Upright Pianos

At least nine months of time is taken to build each C. Bechstein Residence upright piano and up to 18 months for the grand pianos. The choicest materials, the most experienced technicians, and the finest workmanship result in what are widely considered to be some of the finest pianos on the planet. The first piano that Carl Bechstein built in 1853 was an upright piano, and his pianos have had a direct impact on the development of western classical music thanks to its adoption by pianist-composers such as Debussy, Liszt, Ravel, Bartók, and Wagner.

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C. Bechstein Residence pianos possess a highly sought-after combination of warmth and clarity. The bass and tenor registers have width and homogeneity without sacrificing transparency or separation, and the treble register has an incredible singing quality with unmatched projection or brilliance; the strength and complexity of the piano’s overtones are unlike any other. Even the compact Residence R116 and R118 instruments have a diverse, voluminous dynamic range, yet are capable of the most intimate pianissimos. The taller R124 instruments have a sound profile one would likely expect from a baby grand piano; fortissimo playing is forthright and declamatory.

Common features of the C. Bechstein Residence line include the finest Ciresa AAA+ solid-spruce soundboards with a tapered design, walnut-cored hammers made in-house by C. Bechstein, beech casework interlaminated with mahogany, dovetail joints for improved stability, an extensively recalibrated piano action, and every piano receives three voicings and regulations before being signed off by one of C. Bechstein’s Master Technicians.

The C. Bechstein Residence instruments are simply incredible; an action that is light yet extremely precise, a tone that combines warmth and separation, and stability that will ensure life-long enjoyment. These instruments are rather scarce, but we at Millers are adamant that the C.Bechstein Residence line offer some of the greatest piano experiences possible.

For those looking for a truly superlative experience, the C. Bechstein Concert 8 is a mighty upright piano that comes off of the same production line as the C. Bechstein Concert line of grand pianos. Put simply, the best upright piano we've ever played.