Artists To Watch in 2021

It’s no secret that live music has come to a very abrupt halt in 2020. Where smaller independent venues are normally filled to the brim with rising talents and hidden gems, this year many have simply been confined to the comfort of their own rooms.

Despite this however, the power of music lives on and to celebrate the rising of thousands of new musicians who have picked up their first instrument as a result of lockdowns, we wanted to celebrate just some of our favorite rising UK artists who we think will be making some big waves in 2021!

Without further ado, let’s get cracking!


Hailing from Birmingham, Four piece Chartreuse have actually spent six years mastering their sound, before only launching their first release at the end of 2019. Throughout 2020, the band have continued to sprinkle in new releases ahead of announcing a plentiful schedule of touring next year. Landing features on Phil Taggart’s Radio 1 show and a live performance for Jo Wiley on Radio 2 the band are continuing to innovate and provide a new melancholic rich sound that we can’t get enough of.

It’s rich, sultry and delivers exactly how you want it do, Chartreuse are definitely a band to have on your radar!

Aarron Smith

Delicate piano with the voice of a superstar, Aarron Smith is a Scottish name that brings with it a raw and delicate sound that floods feelings of home and brutal honesty. Sharing his experiences of love, heartbreak and trauma, Aarron realised his nac for songwriting at 14, from there he has honed his craft and his self taught sound continues to thrive.

Aarron’s music has clearly struck a chord with many across the world as this young performer’s songs have began to generate millions of streams across a variety of platforms. Aarron is currently managed by Scott Kirkwood, who was part of the team that launched Capaldi towards global stardom…so we’re certainly expecting big things from him next year!

Ezra Collective 

A band that are continuing to defy the rules of jazz, Ezra Collective remain at the top of their game. Despite generally being considered a free flowing genre, more and more frequently modern Jazz artists find themselves ‘locked’ into distinct playing styles and more often than not get caught up in the technique, the lingos and general pretentiousness that can sometimes be associated with jazz.

Ezra collective take that idea and flip it on its head entirely! They continue to remind us that Jazz is a fantastic genre where there are no rules and only feel good vibes! Perhaps best summed up by keys player  Joe Armon-Jones “A lot of musicians will tell you that when they’re in a sad place it helps them make music, but for us, it’s the opposite…The best music we make is when we’re in a good place.”

Ezra collective continue to put a lot of defiance into their sound and are a great example of the joys and fun that music brings so many.

Elijah Miller 

East Anglia is notorious for being a bit of a ‘blank space’ for local musicians to thrive, with many often turning to London or Birmingham to immerse themselves in the musical world. One such homegrown hero however is Bedfordshire’s Elijah Miller. Elijah’s debut EP, Idontlikethecold landed him play on local BBC introducing shows and since has been on an upward trajectory to stardom. 

Elijah Miller’s sound is crisp, gritty and welcomes in a nice take on the much oversaturated ‘indie rock’ scene there’s a great new buzz around his sound that you should definitely get involved in!

Lauran Hibberd 

To finish off our list today, as the joys of music spread, so too do the loose terms surrounding what you can class as a ‘genre’. The latest in our repertoire is ‘Slacker-pop’. 

If you’ve never heard of it, it’s sarcastic and a hell of a lot of fun to listen to! Rising Isle of Wight artist Lauran Hibberd continues to bring an amazing sense of fun and relatability within her music to younger audiences across the nation. 

A great songwriter and performer, Lauran has an incredible way with words that beautifully adds spice and edge into even the most mundane of situations. Her songs are fast paced, fun and provide a very much needed sound that the scene has been missing!

We hope you’ve enjoyed discovering these artists with us and will be adding their tunes to your next playlist! Did we miss your favorites? Send them our way! We would love to hear them! Get in touch using the #MillersMusic!

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