Buying Your First Cello: Things To Consider

So you’ve decided to start the cello! What a fantastic choice you’ve made and we assure you that learning the cello is rewarding, exciting and can offer you an entire lifetime of joyous musical memories. When picking your first cello however, you’re likely met with more questions than answers!

What model do I need? What bow do I need? All great questions and today we thought we’d break things down for you and give you an easy to follow guide that will be sure to get you on the path to becoming a musical prodigy!

Firstly, when it comes to cellos (and many string instruments in general), unfortunately there is somewhat of a false economy with many manufacturers trying to push out low quality instruments for half the price of ‘real’ manufacturers. Most of these instruments don’t deliver either a great sound quality or playing experience so we ALWAYS recommend avoiding them. Whilst we know it’s always tempting to go for cheaper instruments when just starting an instrument, we wouldn’t recommend this to avoid disappointment later down the line.

When first starting, a better approach is to perhaps buy slightly above the bottom range to ensure that you get something that’s going to be worthwhile and that will last for years to come. 

The range of cellos we stock is ideal for beginners and has several price points to fit anyone’s needs, there is something for everyone here. We also offer our rental scheme for exactly this reason so if you decide after a few months an instrument isn’t for you, you’re not stuck with it!

Here are three models that come in a range of sizes for children and adults. We would not only recommend these models for new players, but also encourage you to try before buying so you can get a feel for exactly what you’re getting!

Primavera 100

A fantastic affordable option for those who are just beginning their cello journey and are perhaps playing within the first few grades of an ABRSM curriculum. Whilst the instrument comes with factory strings, it does come as a full outfit with everything you would need to start playing cello without compromising on quality that you find with the ‘false’ cellos that we mentioned above.

Primavera 200

A ‘step up’ from it’s little brother, if you are actively interested in the cello already and are perhaps looking for a fantastic first instrument to call your own, a Primavera 200 could be the perfect choice for you! The flagship model for many students playing at the first few grades, this instrument will certainly provide support for years to come without investing in a fully professional or expensive setup. 

The instrument’s tonewood quality is great and whilst comes with factory strings, with a simple upgrade in the strings, this instrument will dramatically open up players to a variety of tonal qualities and dynamic ranges that you wouldn’t typically find in lower end instruments. 

Eastman Westbury

Ideal for someone relearning or returning to the cello, the Westbury is the premium instrument that we recommend for students as the quality tone of this wonderful cello is significantly better than that of the Primavera’s mentioned.

This instrument will easily support those playing mid to higher grades before a more long term investment is needed. Being handcrafted and checked over in the Soundpost workshop before coming to us, the Westbury is unmatched in sound quality for student models. To enhance this quality, the strings are restrung as part of our package and provided with branded strings for better durability and tone than factory basic ones.

So we hope this has given you some great insight into the wonderful world of cello and will help you make the right informed decision for you and your playing! As with any instrument, we do recommend trying or renting before buying as this allows your instrument to be fully set up and tuned for you without needing to take it to a technician – This service carried out with us whether you buy online with us or through the showroom.

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