C. Bechstein: Exciting Things to look out for in 2021!

Innovation and the quest for perfection comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes and detailings. One piano manufacturer that has continued to prove this is that of C. Bechstein and their incredible innovation into making not only fantastic acoustic instruments that will last a lifetime, but also their pioneering efforts within the digital world make them a brand that cannot be matched for sheer attention to detail.

Today we wanted to breakdown just a handful of the incredibly exciting insider releases that we know C. Bechstein will be introducing over the course of 2021!

Before we kick things off, as with any quest for perfection, the key point to take away is that nothing ever stays the same. There will always be things to improve and as technology adapts, systems will need updating. That is why every year, the entire manufacturing process at C. Bechstein is reviewed and adapted down to the finest detail. From wood sourcing to hammer density, if it’s not perfect, it’s not C. Bechstein!

Now let’s get started!

The Renovation Centre

The first large change and exciting new prospect for any existing C. Bechstein owner is the introduction of the C. Bechstein renovation centre.

A new addition to the services of C. Bechstein, the renovation department allows existing C. Bechstein owners to have their pianos evaluated, analysed, repaired and conditioned to ensure they always perform at their optimum levels. Located in Hrádec Králové, Czech Republic, C. Bechstein have created an all new area dedicated to returning pianos to ‘good as new’ (if not better!) condition.

The best part? Many of the pianos that have already visited the renovation centre are over a hundred years old and are being treated by the very same company who made them.

In many cases, a piano has stayed in the same family for generations, so instead of upgrading to a newer model, Bechstein appreciates the emotional attachment of an instrument and are able to renovate it back to previous health and breathe new life into it! Anyone who has ever played a refurbished vintage grand piano will agree that you are instantly captured in the enchantment of its unique, vintage voice that you just don’t quite get with a newer instrument.

The renovation process itself is also incredibly exciting to us piano lovers!

The first step is to have the piano analysed and inspected. This is such a detailed procedure that C. Bechstein have stated that it simply cannot be done via photographs, video or other means and must be done in person by one of their expert technicians and must be played by world leading experts who know the exact procedures that must be needed to create a world-leading instrument.

This is also why before payment of the renovation is taken, the cost is given before work begins, so they can be given a full breakdown of the recommended improvements and renovations and you are able to tailor the instrument’s renovation to your needs. The kinds of improvements come from the smallest of changes, to complete remakes, everything from:

  • Repair of the cast-iron frame, including a new coat of paint
  • Repair of a cracked soundboard
  • Repair of cracked bridges and manufacture of new bridge tops
  • New strings and new tuning pins (improved sound quality and tuning stability)
  • Repair of all keyboard parts together with replacement of the bushing felts and key coating
  • Replacement of the hammerheads and other action parts
  • Voicing of the hammerheads and precise regulation of the complete action assembly
  • Refinishing

That’s a lot to consider! Since your instrument is a key element of your interior design, we would definitely recommend looking into a C.Bechstein renovation if your piano may be in need of a bit of TLC. 



The second piece of exciting news coming from C. Bechstein this year is the review of their already almighty Vario System and app.

Many manufacturers have now produced apps for smartphones, tablets or PCs in order to enhance the playing experience. However C.Bechstein has taken this a step further than most.

The C. Bechstein VARIO complements the professional, and creative possibilities of your acoustic instrument in a digital way. From USB-C integrations and Bluetooth MIDI capabilities, your piano is now so much more than just a piano and allows you to fully personalise your C.Bechstein playing experience.

For ultimate personalisation, The VARIO app allows you to set up and fully control your VARIO digital system. In C.Bechstein’s own words “It was designed and developed to be an organic part of our acoustic instruments.”

With this incredible app, you will have full control over your instrument’s tone, touch and feel through adjustments to:

  • Sound selection
  • Sound settings (for piano)
  • Volume
  • Graphic Equalizers
  • Calibration of the keys
  • Calibration of the pedals
  • Adjusting the pedal shifting points
  • And so much more!

That sure is a lot to pack into just one app and something we can’t wait to explore further as more features are added!


If you’ve ever been thinking about looking into a C.Bechstein piano, now is certainly the time whilst this incredible manufacturer continues to innovate and test the boundaries of musical prowess. Want to learn more? Get in touch with our team to find your dream C. Bechstein piano today!

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