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MUSIC MATTERS: Nicole Reynolds – @PianoCole

With the exponential rise in popularity across video sharing platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Reels, more and more musical influencers are sharing their stories and their talents, bringing music to the masses and inspiring more and more people to let learning music into their life. Today we speak to one such influencer who has skyrocketed her following by producing fun, engaging and simply mesmerising piano content that really pulls at the heartstrings. Nicole Reynolds, known online as PianoCole, is a 26 year old pianist who’s popular niche has become... Read More


School Spotlight: Derby School Of Music

We love working incredibly closely with music schools, teachers and education centres across the country. Today we wanted to cast our spotlight over to the incredible Derby School Of Music. Being originally founded in 1885, this school is rich with heritage and is believed to be one of, if not the oldest, music schools in the Midlands. They are the largest music school in Derby, supporting around 300 pupils every week. We speak to the current owner of the school and the man who helped bring this institution back into... Read More


Music Matters: Nordoff Robbins

At Millers, we believe in supporting and sharing the message of the power of music in all its forms. Today we wanted to cast our spotlight on our new friends at Nordoff Robbins, the UK’s largest music therapy charity, who continue to enrich and inspire the lives of people with life-limiting illness, disabilities or feelings of isolation through the beauty of music. We want to not only share their incredible message with our own musical communities, but also continue their quest for awareness of the impact music has on both... Read More


Music Matters: The Cross Eyed Pianist

In today’s instalment of Millers Music matters, we’re speaking to advanced amateur pianist and writer/blogger Frances Wilson, otherwise known online as ‘The Cross Eyed Pianist’. Frances has a wealth of both teaching knowledge and sheer passion for the piano. We wanted to get to know Frances’ story, why she loves the piano so much and to tell us a little more about the incredible community associated with this beautiful instrument. “Online I’m known as the cross eyed pianist and I’ve been blogging under that title for around 10 and a... Read More


Music Matters: Dame Evelyn Glennie

We believe that music is accessible to every single person on the planet and that every person deserves to live out their musical fantasies however they can. In the latest installation of our music matters series, we speak to world famous percussionist, musician and activist for inclusion in music, Dame Evelyn Glennie. Despite beginning to lose her hearing at just age 8, Dame Evelyn has continued to break musical boundaries, and given countless talks and raised mass awareness for the inclusion of deaf communities within the musical world. She explains... Read More