How to pick the right bow for you?

Choosing the right bow is an important process.  For any string instrument player, their bow is like an extension of their own arm. Without it, you won’t be making that beautiful warming sound that comes with string instruments and without the right bow for your intended playing style and ability, you could be restricting your own capabilities too! Today our string experts wanted to roll out a quick guide to all things bows – How you can find the right one for you and help discover what is available to... Read More


Buying Your First Cello: Things To Consider

So you’ve decided to start the cello! What a fantastic choice you’ve made and we assure you that learning the cello is rewarding, exciting and can offer you an entire lifetime of joyous musical memories. When picking your first cello however, you’re likely met with more questions than answers! What model do I need? What bow do I need? All great questions and today we thought we’d break things down for you and give you an easy to follow guide that will be sure to get you on the path to becoming... Read More

How to Change or Replace a Cello String

Replacing a cello string is relatively simple and most people can achieve this in a few minutes with an entire set taking 10-20 minutes. One word of caution, you should never remove all the strings from a cello together because the strings maintain a tension across the whole instrument. Cello strings will last longer than other string instruments like violins or violas but most cellists will replace your strings at least once a year, more often if you play regularly. They can last longer than a year but the sound can be... Read More