How To Improve Your Posture When Playing Clarinet

When you’re just beginning a new instrument, one of the most common habits that many slip into is poor posture, when learning it’s easy to be so focused on hitting the right notes or mastering the tune that you often neglect the rest of your body. We often get a number of young learners and parents visit us asking for adaptations to their instrument with various heads, add-ons or accessories to make playing more comfortable, but we have found that 9 times out of 10, a little posture correction is... Read More


Learn to Play the Clarinet

The clarinet is a fantastic and incredibly popular place for many people to begin their musical journey. This wonderful instrument is not only fantastic for players of all ages, but allows for both solo play and play as part of an ensemble for a whole host of musical genres. Today we’ll be writing a complete beginners guide to learning the clarinet and breaking down some of the key beginner concepts that every aspiring clarinet player can use! How To Hold A Clarinet Before you even begin making sound, you’ll want... Read More

Clarinet Maintenance

Maybe you played in school and wanted to get back into it again, maybe you always wanted to play but never had the time. Whatever your reason, our guide to playing the Clarinet can help. First your clarinet, we receive instruments every week from customers who have found them in the loft, cupboards, under a bed and ask us to inspect them. Clarinets come in two basic forms, ABS or plastic and wood. Plastic instruments are much cheaper and more resilient but are limited in tone, perfect for students. Check... Read More