Millers Music expands, Welcoming Foulds Music of Derby to the Group!

We are incredibly pleased to announce that the Millers Group has added Foulds Music into our growing retail team, expanding our reach and providing even more showrooms for customers to try our extensive range of piano and orchestral instruments across the UK! Anyone who loved music and has been to Derby will have visited Foulds at some point! Across its rich 127 year heritage, Foulds have built a specialist reputation and trusting relationship with musicians in Derbyshire and beyond, helping thousands begin and develop their musical journeys. Millers Managing Director Simon Pollard said: “We’re thrilled... Read More

Upcoming for 2021: Events to watch!

Whilst the world still remains in some state of confusion and it seems like we won’t be getting back to any kind of real ‘normal’ events anytime soon, we thought the turn of the year would still make a great opportunity to get you excited for all of the amazing upcoming events, album releases and film releases that every music lover should have on their radar in the first half of 2021! Here are just a few of the events this year that we’ve whacked in the calendar…and you should... Read More

The History Of Christmas Caroling

You really can’t beat a good ol’ christmas carol can you?! Whether it be the infectious ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’ or something a little more tender with ‘Silent Night’ for thousands of years people across the world have sung and embraced as they sing Christmas carols throughout the holiday season. This emotional musical phenomena is so spectacular that we thought it would be great to delve into the deep rich history of some of our favourite Christmas carols and give you some fun facts to lace into your... Read More


Steve Lockwood’s Guide on Mastering the Harmonica

Following on from the Harmonica Playathon in aid of Learn to Play Day, we have put together a handy guide of Steve Lockwood’s top tips and tricks on how to develop your Harmonica playing. Being a graduate from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, Steve has always emersed himself within the local musical. He has been performing and recording music for 28 years touring around the world with artists such as Larry Adler and Screaming Lord Sutch. He has recorded albums with the Royal Philharmonic and Prague Philharmonic Orchestras, therefore his... Read More

Artists To Watch in 2021

It’s no secret that live music has come to a very abrupt halt in 2020. Where smaller independent venues are normally filled to the brim with rising talents and hidden gems, this year many have simply been confined to the comfort of their own rooms. Despite this however, the power of music lives on and to celebrate the rising of thousands of new musicians who have picked up their first instrument as a result of lockdowns, we wanted to celebrate just some of our favorite rising UK artists who we... Read More

Commemorating This Remembrance Day

As we approach this Remembrance day, at Millers we would like to take the opportunity to commemorate not only the lives of those lost or injured in conflict, but also the orchestras, legionnaires, choirs and bands across the country who continue to keep the memories of the fallen alive. We want to help unite the country through the power of music. Celebrating the beautiful pieces written across the centuries to help commemorate the sacrifices made by so many and continue to make us proud to be British. 2020 has undoubtedly... Read More

Our Top 5 Favourite Jazz Albums

For many of our customers the idea of going to your local music (recorded) store and buying a CD or even vinyl was one of life’s pleasures. We know it may not be possible right now but Duncan, our resident piano expert who happens to be something of a jazz aficianado and a hifi buff for good measure, had a think and listed below his all-time favourite selection of jazz albums to while away some hours at home. For many of our customers the idea of going to your local music (recorded) store and buying a CD or even vinyl... Read More

The Best Musical Stocking Fillers This Christmas!

Christmas is coming! So as we all begin scrambling for those last minute holiday gifts, our eyes are also turning to those fantastic smaller presents that often get overlooked, but can mean so much to the ones you love! Here are our favourite stocking fillers for under £50 that would be perfect for your musical friends, family or even as a cheeky gift to yourself! 1) Headphones Every musician and music lover needs new headphones! Whether it be for playing silently on a new digital piano, for when you are out... Read More


Top 7 Iconic TV Theme Tunes Throughout History!

Are you a lover of all things TV?! Well to help celebrate world Television day, this year at Millers, we thought we’d delve into the wonderful world of TV theme tunes! Whilst we might not think it, theme tunes are an iconic part of modern culture that crop up far more often than you might think – Do you ever find yourself humming the Strictly Come Dancing opening song whilst doing the washing up? Us too! So today we wanted to celebrate some of our favourite iconic theme tunes and offer... Read More

The Most Iconic Christmas Movie Soundtracks Of All Time

A soundtrack can make or break any movie and no more is this true than a Christmas film! It’s a fine line to tread, too cheesy and you cheapen the story, not christmassy enough and you’ll miss the festive spirit entirely!  Over the years there have certainly been some real trainwrecks of Christmas films, but every so often, Hollywood pulls one out of the bag! Following our history of Christmas carols, we thought we’d delve into the world of cinema. So without further ado, here are just a handful of our favourite... Read More