The Best Musical Stocking Fillers This Christmas!

Christmas is coming! So as we all begin scrambling for those last minute holiday gifts, our eyes are also turning to those fantastic smaller presents that often get overlooked, but can mean so much to the ones you love! Here are our favourite stocking fillers for under £50 that would be perfect for your musical friends, family or even as a cheeky gift to yourself! 1) Headphones Every musician and music lover needs new headphones! Whether it be for playing silently on a new digital piano, for when you are out... Read More


Top 7 Iconic TV Theme Tunes Throughout History!

Are you a lover of all things TV?! Well to help celebrate world Television day, this year at Millers, we thought we’d delve into the wonderful world of TV theme tunes! Whilst we might not think it, theme tunes are an iconic part of modern culture that crop up far more often than you might think – Do you ever find yourself humming the Strictly Come Dancing opening song whilst doing the washing up? Us too! So today we wanted to celebrate some of our favourite iconic theme tunes and offer... Read More

The Most Iconic Christmas Movie Soundtracks Of All Time

A soundtrack can make or break any movie and no more is this true than a Christmas film! It’s a fine line to tread, too cheesy and you cheapen the story, not christmassy enough and you’ll miss the festive spirit entirely!  Over the years there have certainly been some real trainwrecks of Christmas films, but every so often, Hollywood pulls one out of the bag! Following our history of Christmas carols, we thought we’d delve into the world of cinema. So without further ado, here are just a handful of our favourite... Read More

Why Was Freddie Mercury’s Voice So Unique?

29 years since his passing on November 24th 1991, Freddie Mercury remains regarded as a rock icon, musical prodigy and songwriting sensation. Whether it be through the living memory of Freddie in Queen’s We Will Rock You Theatrical, or through 2018’s Bohemian Rhapsody which made a reported $903.7 million at the box office. Freddie Mercury’s ostentatious persona and charismatic showmanship continues to be at the forefront of public fascination. We wanted to delve a little deeper into Freddie’s musicianship and give you a little more insight into his past and just a small... Read More

David Bowie: 5 Years On…

January 10th 2016 marks a tragic day in musical history as the day David Bowie sadly passed away. This musical icon is not only a name that time will never forget, but as the 5th anniversary of his death approaches, we thought we would break down some of our favourite iconic Bowie moments and why this incredible musician still means so much to so many. Bowie’s Early Years David Bowie was born David Robert Jones on 8 January 1947 in Brixton. His interest in music was always present and in... Read More

Christmas Music: Love It Or Hate it – Here’s Why!

Have you ever noticed that around the holiday season people tend to separate into two different groups…Those who LOVE christmas music and can’t get enough of it from the 1st November and the opposite, those who find Christmas jingles nothing but irritating and outright annoying Well, whichever side you’re on, there might be a few reasons why! One recent study has shown that in the same way when we listen to regular music we are able to attach songs to emotions, Christmas music does the same – But bigger! CHECK OUT OUR TOP CHRISTMAS... Read More

Cambridge Online Jazz Launch ‘Jazz-Funk’ Course!

Exciting times are afoot for all jazz and funk enthusiasts! Created with support from Cambridgeshire Music, a new cambridge online jazz course is set to kick off from 1st February – 1st March 2021. If you have been looking for some inspiration to up your skills and learn a little about jazz-funk theory, this is the best place to start! We caught up with organisers of the course, Vij and Sam to explain exactly what the course is all about, why you should give it a try and what you... Read More

Celebrating Robert Burns – How To Celebrate Burns’ Night

Few names have stood the test of time better than that of Scottish poet and lyricist Robert Burns. This Burns’ night, we wanted to take a look into the life of this incredible musical figure and delve into why the impact of this incredible bard is still felt around the world today. For more on Burns, we’ve also written a full history on Auld Lang Syne as he was the first person to document the song!  Celebrated as Scotland’s own ‘National Bard’ Burns’ life is celebrated on 25th January each year. Who was... Read More

Brexit And The Music Industry

Well, Brexit is finally here. Whilst it may feel like not a lot has changed yet as we still are amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we thought today would be a great opportunity to begin breaking down what impacts we can expect Brexit to have on the music industry over the coming months. For a long time, venues across the UK have been under increasing pressure. The culmination of this pressure and coronavirus having venues to be closed for almost a year has led to countless grassroots venues being permanently shut down across the world, removing... Read More

The History Of New Year: Auld Lang Syne

Chances are you’ve sung it or you’ve at least blagged your way through it in an alcohol driven haze at some point or another…The new year’s eve staple ‘Auld Lang Syne’ is a classic the world over and actually has a rich 240 year history that you might have never even thought about!  Today, we thought we’d break down this brilliant piece of Scottish heritage and show you some of the more interesting points on the song that you can bring up at your new years parties for years to... Read More