How Disney Pixar’s ‘Soul’ Is Inspiring Young Musical Minds

Whether you’ve seen it yet or not, Disney Pixar’s Soul is a must watch for all music lovers young and old. Not only as a beautifully animated piece of cinema, but also for some of the incredible undertones beneath this wonderful film. Today we’re taking a quick look into the film, how it may be impacting young minds to take up music and would love to know your thoughts! If you were inspired by Soul to start learning the piano but don’t know where to start – Check out our Acoustic... Read More

How Music Helps Children Develop!

Music has the power to change the world and at Millers, we love celebrating the impact that it has on children and young people’s developing lives. Whether it be: At school, in garage bands, singing in the car, or even just listening to records from your bedroom, music remains a natural part of our lives that means so much to so many. We want to celebrate the wonders of music by sharing just SOME of the incredible benefits that it brings children, so whether you’re a music teacher looking to... Read More

The Impact of COVID-19 On Music Education

COVID-19 has decimated music education across the world. Up and down the country, fewer children have been able to take up music through their schools and whilst home sales of instruments have risen, music education still needs more help to get back on track. Take a look at these shocking statistics from the Incorporated Society of Musicians! A new report from ISM (Incoporated Society Of Musicans) has been published titled: ‘The heart of the school is missing’, that reveals the devastating impact on music education across the country. Our goal has always been to... Read More

What Age Did Famous Composers Write Their Most Famous Pieces?

Age is just a number…In the fast paced modern world we live in, we frequenetly find that more and more musicians are putting themselves under unnecessary pressure and holding themselves to obnoxiously high standards. If you’re not a master of something by the time you’re 20, or if you haven’t reached 100,000 instagram followers by now, you’re a failure…Well guess what? You’re not – And we believe anyone can (and should!) start and master an instrument at any age. That being said, we thought it would be interesting today to demonstrate... Read More

A Celebration Of: Dame Fanny Waterman

Founder of The Leeds International Piano Competition, one of the most prestigious piano competitions in the world has unfortunately passed away at the incredible age of 100. In memory of the incredible piano teacher and musical icon, we wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate Dame Fanny Waterman’s life and how she inspired thousands to take up and master the piano. The Early Years Born 22 March 1920, the Dame was destined to be a musical prodigy from the moment she played her first key. After her parents scraped together the... Read More


A Guide To Piano Pedals: What are they and what do they do?

For many new pianists, something that is often misunderstood is your piano pedals. They’re easy to overlook, but in reality your pedals are some of the most powerful parts of your piano and when used correctly open your playing up to a whole new world of musical expression and possibility. Today we’ll be breaking down not only why your pedals are so important, but what each one means and how you can use them. Which Pianos Use Which Pedals? Unless you’re buying a portable piano, almost all digital, grand or upright pianos... Read More

MIDI Won’t Connect? 10 Quick Troubleshooting Tips!

As digital pianos become increasingly popular and home music production softwares such as Logic X become more readily available, more and more musicians are perhaps having issues with their instruments talking to their computers. Our experts thought it would be a great idea to write up a simple to follow guide to help get your piano connected so you can focus on the really important stuff…your music! What is MIDI?  MIDI is a communication standard that allows digital music gear and computers to speak the same language. MIDI is short... Read More

A Conversation With…Stephen Cleobury

Just as his new collection of hymn arrangements for SATB choir has been released, Stephen Cleobury visited the store to sign copies and have a chat with us about the release. Stephen Cleobury has been Director of Music at King’s College in Cambridge for almost 32 years, and is a renowned composer, arranger and conductor. His music and performances have been heard around the world on both radio and television. This new collection is accessible and enjoyable, allowing a lot of freedom when deciding the tempo and dynamics. Our sheet music... Read More


What Is Polyphony?

When browsing the world of digital pianos, something that stumps a lot of aspiring pianists and producers is the concept of ‘polyphony’. Few people actually understand what polyphony is and how it affects your digital instrument. This guide will help break down polyphony for you step by step and help you determine whether or not it is something that you need to consider when finding the right digital piano for you. The reason we say digital piano when talking about polyphony is because acoustic instruments make ‘real’ sound when a hammer... Read More

Let’s Play The Piano! – The Piano Group Bringing Musicians Together Throughout Lockdown

We’ve all felt the weight of the pandemic over the past 12 months and for many of us, it has been a year of being out of touch with our social groups, our friends and even our families. For many musicians, a real lifeline to their learning and enjoyment with music is discovering groups of like minded individuals who share a common passion for music. Whether it be through attending live events, online communities or simply listening to music, music has an innate power to bring people together. Today, in... Read More