Let’s Play The Piano! – The Piano Group Bringing Musicians Together Throughout Lockdown

We’ve all felt the weight of the pandemic over the past 12 months and for many of us, it has been a year of being out of touch with our social groups, our friends and even our families. For many musicians, a real lifeline to their learning and enjoyment with music is discovering groups of like minded individuals who share a common passion for music. Whether it be through attending live events, online communities or simply listening to music, music has an innate power to bring people together. Today, in... Read More


Share Your Sound – 50 Years Of Playing Music Together!

For us, music has always been about inspiring and telling incredible stories. We often hear from musicians across the country speaking about how it has changed their lives, so when we heard this incredible love story, we couldn’t resist sharing it with the world! William and Judith got in touch with us on Facebook and have been playing music together for over 50 (almost 60!) years after meeting at their local band hall back in 1964. We followed up with William and Judith to see the impact that music has had on... Read More


Sally Cathcart’s 5 Step Guide for choosing your next tutor book.

It’s always lovely to hear piano teachers say ‘I like to keep up to date with the latest books and materials’. These days we are spoilt for choice, especially where piano tutor books are concerned. But how do we choose the right books for our pupils given the selection available? Here are five important questions you can ask to help you decide. Step 1 How are musical skills and concepts introduced? How many new, school-aged beginners have you come across that can’t keep a steady pulse, or don’t know what... Read More

Getting More Children Involved In Music Education!

Our goal has always been simple – to make the quest for music as accessible as possible. Whilst the past year certainly has thrown a few spanners in the works, that is still our goal, to support teachers, communities and students however possible. Today we wanted to outline just some of the ways that yourself or your children can get involved in music education, whether it be through schooling, private tuition or by connecting with teachers across the country. In our Lockdown Stories series we spoke to a number of teachers and professionals... Read More