Steve Lockwood’s Guide on Mastering the Harmonica

Following on from the Harmonica Playathon in aid of Learn to Play Day, we have put together a handy guide of Steve Lockwood’s top tips and tricks on how to develop your Harmonica playing. Being a graduate from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, Steve has always emersed himself within the local musical. He has been performing and recording music for 28 years touring around the world with artists such as Larry Adler and Screaming Lord Sutch. He has recorded albums with the Royal Philharmonic and Prague Philharmonic Orchestras, therefore his... Read More

Great Harmonicas To Start Your Collection

Easy to play, the harmonica is one of the most versatile instruments out there. It can be found in many styles of music, from blues to pop, to rock, to folk. Each style gives a fantastic, unique take on a traditional instrument that’s seen many changes throughout the years, since 1821 when the mouth harp was first seen in the workshops of Christian Friedrich Ludwig Buschmann. Nowadays, there’s a plethora of options available to help you take the first steps of your musical journey – and at Millers, we have... Read More

A Beginners Guide to the Harmonica

In simple terms the harmonica – often referred to as harp – produces sound by air passing through a metal blade (reed) mounted on a comb so a vibration occurs which produces a note. Varying the reed length will enable variation of pitch; long ones low notes & short one high notes. The holes on the harmonica will access the different notes from low pitch to high in a musical scale. Both exhaling (blow) and inhaling (draw) will sound a note. Diatonic harmonicas are 10 hole instruments tuned to specific... Read More