Music Matters: Nordoff Robbins

At Millers, we believe in supporting and sharing the message of the power of music in all its forms. Today we wanted to cast our spotlight on our new friends at Nordoff Robbins, the UK’s largest music therapy charity, who continue to enrich and inspire the lives of people with life-limiting illness, disabilities or feelings of isolation through the beauty of music. We want to not only share their incredible message with our own musical communities, but also continue their quest for awareness of the impact music has on both... Read More


Melanie Spanswick’s Tips for Healthy Piano Playing

My workshops for piano teachers offer a few ideas for developing basic flexibility in piano technique, with a view to harbouring positive habits during piano practice and piano performance. It’s a privilege to work with teachers, talking about technique, how to develop it, and more specifically, how to keep students free from pain, discomfort and tension.The following tips serve as elementary suggestions; some can be done away from the instrument, and, as with piano practice, regularity is the key to success.Before a practice session begins, sit at the instrument and... Read More


Lockdown Stories: Robin Phillips

Throughout the pandemic, a new rising theme is the use of online streaming for both teaching, performing and communicating with other musicians, friends and family. Today we’re speaking to Robin Phillips, a Cambridgeshire based musician who is perhaps one of the best examples of adapting and utilising some fantastic tech to continue to inspire and share the power of music!  We caught up with Robin to discuss how he has been able to adapt to the virtual age and his experiences throughout the past year. For more stories like Robin’s,... Read More


Using Music As Stress Relief

For many of us over the past year, stress levels have been at their highest, with all kinds of crises going on, finding solace is important to modern living. It’s no secret that stress is detrimental to both our physical and mental health and can impact almost every aspect of your life. From damaging relationships, to reduced work productivity, to worsening sleep patterns, increased stress levels are never a good thing. That is why today we wanted to outline the incredible power of music and how learning the piano could... Read More


Lockdown Stories – Dr. Chris Stanbury

The pandemic has affected us all in some incredibly unique and unforeseeable ways. From gigging musicians to teachers, to industry professionals, we’ve all had to adapt, change and reconnect ourselves with the way we see music. One individual that has perhaps felt this change more than most is Dr. Chris Stanbury. Chris is not only a musician himself, but is also a key writer for many keyboard syllabuses across the world – Chances are if you’ve taken a piano or keyboard exam, he’s probably helped write it! Chris is also a product... Read More

Children’s Mental Health Week – Using Music To Express Yourself!

The theme of this year’s 2021 Children’s Mental Health Week is to encourage more and more young people to  ‘Express Yourself’ – backed by the Duchess of Cambridge and countless other TV personalities and celebrity names, more and more parents and children across the country have been turning inwards and discovering new ways of expressing themselves to help their mental health and general wellbeing. Today, we wanted to give our input and explore the ways we feel music can be a fantastic way to allow children to express themselves – but whether... Read More