Lockdown Stories


Lockdown Stories: Louise Parker

In the latest installation of Millers Music Lockdown Stories, we speak to 27 year old singer-songwriter, three times nominee at the UK Country Music Spotlight Awards and NHS Louise Parker. Louise has spent the past year not only preparing herself for the release of her new album, but has fully embraced the world of livestreaming to her fan bases across the world. We caught up with Louise to share her story… “I’m originally from Essex but I’ve lived in Austin, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee. I fell in love with music from a... Read More


Lockdown Stories: Dave Major

Throughout the pandemic, we have been busy speaking to hobbyists, enthusiasts and teachers of music who have all had to adapt to the new world we find ourselves living in. One such example is drum teacher Dave Major, who has spent the past year not only investing in a new online business, but has been able to keep almost all of his existing students and connect with them in an entirely new way. Dave also runs a regular feature on his Youtube channel to help offer people tips and techniques on improving... Read More

Lockdown Stories: Joel Rawlins

Joel Rawlins is a multi-instrumentalist and performer who, prior to the pandemic was performing all across the world. When lockdown hit however, like many of us, Joel was forced to return to the UK and adapt his approach. He has continued to use this time to rediscover his own affinity with music and now regularly posts incredible piano compositions on his facebook page as well as offering private online tuition in piano . We caught up with Joel to see how the pandemic has impacted him and how music has... Read More

Lockdown Stories: Advait

Advait is a musical experimentalist, pianist and composer from Cambridge who specialises in creating new and unique sounds that he hopes will inspire and catch the ear of his listeners. We caught up with Advait following the release of his new album Marvellica to discuss how the past year has impacted him and his musical process. If you are feeling particularly inspired by Advait’s story and are keen to start your own composing journey, we would love to help you! Contact our expert team today, or to read more Lockdown Stories from other musicians, click... Read More


Share Your Sound – 50 Years Of Playing Music Together!

For us, music has always been about inspiring and telling incredible stories. We often hear from musicians across the country speaking about how it has changed their lives, so when we heard this incredible love story, we couldn’t resist sharing it with the world! William and Judith got in touch with us on Facebook and have been playing music together for over 50 (almost 60!) years after meeting at their local band hall back in 1964. We followed up with William and Judith to see the impact that music has had on... Read More


Lockdown Stories – Leanne Rae

Next up in our new Lockdown Stories series where we speak to those who have used music to get through the pandemic is Leanne Rae. Leanne is a pianist from Cambridge who can be regularly found performing around the city. She openly calls the piano “her first love” – something we can definitely relate to! When her performances came to a halt, Leanne turned inwards and was able to use this time to enhance her skills and continue to develop her love for piano. To read more Lockdown stories, check out our interview... Read More


Lockdown Stories: Dom Plays Sax

Over the past few months, we have been continuing to speak to figures all across the music industry to discover their stories, see how they have adapted and unveil how music has helped them throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. In this episode of our ‘Lockdown Stories’ series, we’re speaking to Dom (Dom Plays Sax), a successful saxophonist from Bedfordshire who can be found at countless weddings and venues across East Anglia. We caught up with Dom to see how he has been using this time to innovate and reconnect with his music, as... Read More

Lockdown Stories – Cára Beard

Cára is a professional independent musician with an incredible history. Throughout lockdown, Cára has been continuing to master her craft and pursue her musical career, despite having to constantly adapt to new technologies and new audience demands. Watch Cára’s interview for some insightful notes on some of the issues independent musicians face today. To read more of our lockdown series, check out the full series here!Or if you feel inspired to start your own musical journey after reading Cára’s story, our team would be happy to help! view our range of starter pianos today!... Read More


Lockdown Stories: Robin Phillips

Throughout the pandemic, a new rising theme is the use of online streaming for both teaching, performing and communicating with other musicians, friends and family. Today we’re speaking to Robin Phillips, a Cambridgeshire based musician who is perhaps one of the best examples of adapting and utilising some fantastic tech to continue to inspire and share the power of music!  We caught up with Robin to discuss how he has been able to adapt to the virtual age and his experiences throughout the past year. For more stories like Robin’s,... Read More


Lockdown Stories – Dr. Chris Stanbury

The pandemic has affected us all in some incredibly unique and unforeseeable ways. From gigging musicians to teachers, to industry professionals, we’ve all had to adapt, change and reconnect ourselves with the way we see music. One individual that has perhaps felt this change more than most is Dr. Chris Stanbury. Chris is not only a musician himself, but is also a key writer for many keyboard syllabuses across the world – Chances are if you’ve taken a piano or keyboard exam, he’s probably helped write it! Chris is also a product... Read More