How To Clean A Piano

It’s always a good idea to keep your piano clean, not only does a clean piano look better and help inject a great sense of pride into your instrument, but it’ll help top up that enthusiasm to keep playing – Who wants to play on a dusty old piano over a shiny one after all? Today we’re looking at some of our top cleaning tips from our piano technicians, some of the dos, don’ts and quick easy tips that you can do in order to keep your instrument in tip... Read More


St George’s Day – Best Of English Piano Musicianship

We love celebrating music! With so many incredible musicians coming out of the UK, we think it’s important to spend some time reflecting on the best, biggest and freshest names in each country’s history. Today, in connection with St George’s Day, we’re taking a slightly different approach and focusing specifically on some of the incredible pianists throughout English history. From household names to some which you might not have heard of before, this list will be sure to cover some of the boldest and most fascinating names in English piano... Read More


Fitting Silent Systems To Acoustic Pianos

Silent pianos are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason! A lot of people often say that they would love to have the feel of a real acoustic piano but often turn to digital pianos for one main reason… …The ability to play through headphones. Today we’re talking all things silent systems, why you might be interested in one and how they can help improve your playing experience. We’ll also be offering you some insider knowledge on retro-fitting silent systems and some of the more budget friendly options out there.... Read More


Melanie Spanswick’s Tips for Healthy Piano Playing

My workshops for piano teachers offer a few ideas for developing basic flexibility in piano technique, with a view to harbouring positive habits during piano practice and piano performance. It’s a privilege to work with teachers, talking about technique, how to develop it, and more specifically, how to keep students free from pain, discomfort and tension.The following tips serve as elementary suggestions; some can be done away from the instrument, and, as with piano practice, regularity is the key to success.Before a practice session begins, sit at the instrument and... Read More

C. Bechstein: Exciting Things to look out for in 2021!

Innovation and the quest for perfection comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes and detailings. One piano manufacturer that has continued to prove this is that of C. Bechstein and their incredible innovation into making not only fantastic acoustic instruments that will last a lifetime, but also their pioneering efforts within the digital world make them a brand that cannot be matched for sheer attention to detail. Today we wanted to breakdown just a handful of the incredibly exciting insider releases that we know C. Bechstein will be introducing over the course... Read More


History Of The Piano

We all know it, we all love it, but where did it come from? Today we’re exploring the history of the piano, it’s (loose) origins and how it became the household instrument we all know and love today. Come take a trip through time with us! The Creator When most people think of a grand piano, a particular shape and style comes to mind, the large soundboard, the long bass strings and of course the hammers. This design is credited to Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655-1731) who came up with the design... Read More


Buying A Second Hand Piano

A second hand piano can be an excellent alternative to a new instrument and we are firm believers that used instruments deserve a home too!  More and more people are buying second hand pianos through sites such as Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree and Ebay, however when it comes to second hand pianos you might be left with some uncertainty. That’s why we’ve written up an in depth guide on what to look for and they key things you can’t afford to miss before taking in a preloved piano! Take a look at our handy guide below to help you find... Read More


Choosing The Right Piano Stool Or Bench For You

The piano stool (or bench) is often one of the most overlooked parts of buying an acoustic or digital piano. It is easy to think “I’ll just use a chair”, but just because the stool itself doesn’t make the music, it’s not worth compromising on! You wouldn’t drive a car with a broken seat would you? A piano stool is very much the same, it is essentially the ‘drivers seat’ for all of the intricate movements during playing, pedaling and will impact the overall comfort of your piano playing experience. As such, we wanted... Read More


What makes a piano ‘sound’ like a piano?

Pianos are incredibly complex and delicate instruments and thousands of different components work in perfect unison to create that iconic rich piano sound. What makes this instrument so unique and special however is that it stands apart from other instruments and is hard to categorise… It has strings but isn’t a string instrument, it has hammers but isn’t a percussion instrument. Today we’ll be exploring just what makes a piano sound the way it does and give you some fantastic insight into the way your piano creates it’s sensational sound... Read More


Upright Piano Buyers Guide: What To Look Out For When Buying An Upright Piano.

Buying an upright piano is no small feat and should not be considered as a quick purchase. For many, an upright piano might be your piano for life, or could act as the starting point on becoming a musical sensation. A piano isn’t just an instrument, it is a part of the home and no matter which room it is kept in, it will be a talking point for years to come. Being such magnificent instruments, we wanted to offer the first time upright piano buyer a comprehensive guide on the key... Read More