Best Christmas Piano Sheet Music Essentials

Ready to dive into the holiday spirit? We certainly are! Today we have partnered once more with our wonderful friends at Presto Music to bring you the very best of Christmas sheet music for you to learn well in time for the big day!  All of these volumes have been written specifically with the piano in mind and whether a total beginner or a seasoned professional pianist, we’ve got something for everyone to enjoy the festivities! So without further ado, let it snow and open your world up to a... Read More


Music Matters: Ian Shaw Interview

The world of jazz and specifically piano jazz is rich, deep and mysterious and amidst the mystery of the jazz lifestyle there is abundance of talent and charisma from artists across the world. Today we speak to one such name, Ian Shaw ahead of him playing in Cambridge this December with the Cambridge Modern Jazz group about his extensive career, why jazz matters and his views on music today. To begin with, we asked Ian where his musical beginnings came from and why he gravitated towards the realm of jazz.... Read More


Amazing Ways To Upcycle Old Pianos

We often hear a lot of people ask ‘what can I do with my old piano?’ or ‘I can’t seem to get rid of my old piano?’ and they feel trapped with a piano that they either no longer want or aren’t quite sure what to do with. This normally happens when either someone buys a poor condition piano online (read our guide to buying second hand pianos here), or they have decided to upgrade their old piano to a new one, but don’t want to see the old one... Read More


Tips For Learning Piano As An Adult

Many adults want to learn the piano, but aren’t quite sure how to get started. Unlike something like football, or most sports, learning the piano (or almost any instrument for that matter) is something that you can start at almost any age with little to no impairment, sure much like learning a language, children may have an inherent head start in absorbing and retaining information, but that does not mean that adults can not find a great time in learning to play the piano! Today we’ll begin breaking down the... Read More


Signs Your Piano Is Holding You Back

As your piano playing progresses, many players often see that their skills plateau at a certain level, where no matter what you seem to do, you can’t seem to progress any further. Perhaps there’s a particular string of notes that you can’t quite reach, or that your playing just doesn’t ‘feel’ as powerful, strong or colourful as it once did. Oftentimes, many players think this is a fault with themselves or their technique, which it may very well be, however one particular factor that many overlook is their actual piano... Read More


The Difference Between C.Bechstein And Steinway Pianos

When it comes to high calibre piano manufacturing and philosophy, two names stand tall above the rest of the crowd, that of Steinway & Sons and C.Bechstein. Both originating from German heritages, these two titans represent the pinnacle of what is possible on premium pianos. Today we will break down a little about the two, their approach to piano production as well as highlighting some of the similarities and differences between them both in order to help you make a decision which brand might be right for you. About The... Read More


Inside The New Kawai ATX4 – What’s Changed?

A new rendition of the Kawai ATX silent system is upon us and with them, they bring an exceptional level of technical innovation combined with musical possibility. Part of the ‘AnyTime’ series, the new ATX4 marks the end of the ATX3 chapter and with it, Kawai have built on their exceptional prestige and added new elements of digital possibility to the acoustic market. The Kawai ATX system allows for silent play on acoustic instruments, with the push of a button, your acoustic grand or upright piano can become a highly... Read More


How To Safely Move A Piano

Moving a piano is no easy task! Whilst they may not seem it, pianos are actually incredibly sensitive souls and even the slightest jerk reaction can throw them completely out of both tune and even damage the integrity of the piano…not to mention the fact that most acoustic pianos are well over 200KG so it’s not like moving a table! As such, the art of moving pianos is an incredibly specialist pursuit in order to keep the integrity of the instrument at it’s best, but also to not put yourself,... Read More


The Different Types Of Finishes On Pianos

Piano finishes are more than just a colour, as a piano is a piece of furniture in many homes, getting the instrument to fit the aesthetic of the room is just as important as how it sounds! Whilst the finish of the piano will not affect the sound it produces, having an instrument that you don’t like the look of can be a real turn off from enjoying your piano play. Following our guide on where to best position your piano, this guide is intended to offer an insight into... Read More


Tips For Composing On Piano

So you’re looking to start composing your own music? Fantastic! We’re firm believers at Millers that the best songs are ones that haven’t been written yet! At first, the world of composing, particularly on piano, can seem a little overwhelming, but we’ve spoken with various artists and composers and accumulated their knowledge into  a handful of easy, simple tips and easily actionable tricks to help you begin to create your own masterpieces.  One thing that is worth noting here however is that the creative process is different for everyone and... Read More