Why are there so few digital pianos available in 2022?

In 2021, the microchip crisis came to fruition and one year on we’re still in the same mess. One trend that is becoming increasingly prevalent within the business world is the global demand and shortage for microchips. Now known as #Chipageddon, what does this mean for you, the customer and the digital piano industry as a whole? Ultimately this is a global issue and affects everything from phones, to cars to fridges (basically any electronic device) but when it comes to pianos, for those looking to purchase either a new... Read More


Piano Stories: Why The Nation Loves Piano

We love hearing about how the piano has inspired a lifetime of playing and fun. That is why we spent the past month, in connection with world piano day sharing our love for this incredible instrument. From up and down the country, they came to share their stories. Today we want to share them with you and share our love for the piano!  Amy Bradley – Volunteer And PHD Student Amy’s story really pulls at the heartstrings, after growing up in South Wales with an incredibly musical background, she has... Read More


St Patrick’s Day: The Best Of Irish Musicianship

We love celebrating music! With so many incredible musicians coming out of the UK, we think it’s important to spend some time reflecting on the best, biggest and freshest names in each country’s history. Today, in connection with St Patrick’s Day, we’re focusing on the incredible musicians from across the Irish Sea. From household names to some which you might not have heard in a while, this list will be sure to cover some of the boldest and most fascinating names in Irish musicianship. Read More: Why not also check... Read More


Wood Types On Pianos: What They Mean and Why They Matter

When looking at acoustic pianos, the types of woods used within the piano are imperative to the tonal quality it creates. However it’s often overlooked why these certain types of wood cost so much to produce, and the process that they go through to create some of the best sounding instruments in the world. Today we’ll briefly outline the processes that most manufacturers use, give you some insight into the types of woods to consider when buying a piano and explain the process that gives the piano it’s wonderful tone.... Read More

Millers Live Highlights: Here’s What You Missed!

For the first time in our 164 year history, Millers went LIVE last week to celebrate Black Friday and the start of the holiday season. The day was jam packed with fun conversation, insightful expert knowledge and one of the best performances our Cambridge showroom has ever seen. Despite being in the midst of a pandemic, we continue to believe in the amazing power that music has to bring people from across the country together. Here’s our recollection of the day laced in with all of our favourite moments so... Read More