The Total Beginners Guide To Violin

When first stepping into the world of violins, it can be a little daunting or overwhelming. With so many brands, types and terms to remember, it can seem impossible to know which instrument is going to be perfect to begin either your own or your child’s musical journey. Today we’re sharing with you a quick and simple guide to help find the perfect beginner instrument for you, as well as explaining some of the simple terminology needed to begin making a well informed decision that is going to work best... Read More


How To Size A Violin Properly From Home

Finding the correct size violin for a child is one of the most common questions we often get asked. Luckily the process of sizing is actually incredibly easy and something you can even do from home with a little know how! Today we’ll walk you through a quick guide to the different sizes of violins out there as well as a quick and easy way that you can size a violin for a child using just a tape measure! What sizes of violins are there? Violins come in a whole... Read More


How to pick the right bow for you?

Choosing the right bow is an important process.  For any string instrument player, their bow is like an extension of their own arm. Without it, you won’t be making that beautiful warming sound that comes with string instruments and without the right bow for your intended playing style and ability, you could be restricting your own capabilities too! Today our string experts wanted to roll out a quick guide to all things bows – How you can find the right one for you and help discover what is available to... Read More

Choosing Your First Violin: A Beginner’s Guide

This guide will take you through some of the need-to-know bits and pieces to get you set up with the works, ready to play! With an extensive history and a wide repertoire, the violin is certainly an attractive option! There are lots of benefits to playing a stringed instrument – improved dexterity, posture and listening skills can all be inherited from consistent practice. The violin itself is an instrument that can either be played as a soloist or socially, as a member of a small ensemble or even an orchestra!... Read More


How To Tune And Change Violin Strings

One of the most common maintenance issues and repair requests we receive is how to replace violin strings that have snapped. It’s easily done, just tighten a bit too far and snap! It’s gone. Thankfully though, this is a really easy thing to prevent or fix. With a little knowledge in violin anatomy and the range of strings, you can easily get to grips with tuning your violin and can dramatically reduce the risk of snapping or overtightening your strings!  Why Do Strings Snap? If you’ve found yourself with a broken string, chances are it most... Read More