How to pick the right bow for you?

Choosing the right bow is an important process. 

For any string instrument player, their bow is like an extension of their own arm. Without it, you won’t be making that beautiful warming sound that comes with string instruments and without the right bow for your intended playing style and ability, you could be restricting your own capabilities too!

Today our string experts wanted to roll out a quick guide to all things bows – How you can find the right one for you and help discover what is available to you right now on our website. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Composite Bows 

Many outfits of violins and cellos will come with a factory bow. This is the most common type of bow and is generally a low quality item that you (should) grow out of relatively quickly. The next best step? A composite bow! Composite bows generally range around the £31.99 to £49.99 price point and are made of a half composite resin and half wood.

Their exceptional durability makes them perfect for younger players as well as making a fantastic jumping point for those beginning to develop their musical style and want to begin pulling a wide range of tone and sound quality from their instrument.

Wooden Bows 

As your playing continues to develop, the more traditional players out there will want to make a necessary transition into a fully wooden bow. Wooden bows can vary dramatically in price depending on the quality of wood – most are either Brazilwood or Pernambuco wood, with most of our selection being Brazilwood due to the slightly heavier touch it gives. This allows a player to put more weight into playing and ‘dig’ into the lower registers of the instrument as well as begin allowing them to discover more subtle and nuanced tones within their instruments. Much like a fine wine, the tone of a wooden bow only sweetens with age and their tones will mature as they grow older, which is why older wooden bows tend to be significantly more expensive than younger ones. 

Carbon Fibre / Faux Fibre Bows 

Very much ‘the new kid on the block’ – as technology continues to advance, so to do bows!

Being made out of incredibly light material, carbon fibre offers an all new experience for the seasoned player. Due to this light weight, players typically are able to improve their agility and speed of playing and are able to seamlessly glide over the repertoire and negotiate virtuosic passages with ease. Unlike their wooden counterparts, as they are made with synthetic material, carbon fibre bows are immune to weather conditioning such as warping and are the most durable bows on the market bar none. 

So there you have it! A simple guide to choosing the right bow for you! If you’d like more information on our string range, our experts are on hand and happy to help!

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