How to Change or Replace a Cello String

Replacing a cello string is relatively simple and most people can achieve this in a few minutes with an entire set taking 10-20 minutes. One word of caution, you should never remove all the strings from a cello together because the strings maintain a tension across the whole instrument.

Cello strings will last longer than other string instruments like violins or violas but most cellists will replace your strings at least once a year, more often if you play regularly. They can last longer than a year but the sound can be affected.

Process to Replace Cello Strings

  1. Loosen the Pegs
  2. Remove the String from the Peg
  3. Remove String from the Fine Tuner
  4. Connect the New String to the Fine Tuner
  5. Insert the End of the String into the Peg
  6. Wind the String onto the Peg
  7. Tighten the String
  8. Align the String to the Bridge and Nut
  9. Tighten the String to Pitch
  10. Fine Tune

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