Keeping Your Wind Instruments Clean – Our Promise To Local Teachers

Why we are donating environmentally friendly cleaning products to our local teachers, schools and communities.

In a world where cleanliness is more crucial than ever, at Millers, we have teamed up with The British Band Instrument Company (BBICO) to help continue to keep local music communities safe, with instrument hygiene and maintenance at the forefront of what we do.

Much like the rest of the performing arts industry, teachers and students alike have been left in a world of uncertainty regarding their instruments and teaching regulations, leaving many asking the question: How can I keep my instrument clean and safe?

So today we’d like to help ‘clean up’ some of the confusion and give teachers, students and music lovers across the nation a sustainable solution to keep your instrument and practice environment safe, clean and most importantly…fun!

Earlier this year, BBICO launched their latest product, Edgware by BBICO Sanitiser Spray, an environmentally friendly and safe cleaning product that kills 99.9999% of all bacteria in instrument mouthpiece and leadpipes and has been proven to act against enveloped viruses such as Human Coronavirus, Influenza, HIV, etc. 

It is easily overlooked, but studies have shown that for many wind instruments exhaled particles will largely remain inside the instrument. However because of this, it has also been shown that wind instruments do also have the largest probability of players reinfecting themselves and others who share the instrument. 

That is why we believe that not only is frequent cleaning of your instrument important, but what you are putting INTO the instrument is just as crucial, it’s you who is inhaling those substances afterall… We don’t know about you, but we’d rather not be inhaling harmful chemicals! 

So unlike many cleaning products on the market today, the Edgware range is free from toxins, synthetics and petroleums, and packaged in  harmless biodegradable and compostable materials. Everything from sanitising sprays to cork greases (which even double up as amazing lip balms), each product is safe for unsupervised use by children and even safe if swallowed…Although we wouldn’t recommend that!

BBICO’s Managing Director, Alun Hughes has also said: “During my career in the music products industry, I’ve never been so aware of the need for a range of non-synthetic-based lubricants and accessories. We have done considerable research to develop a range suitable for future generations of environmentally conscious young musicians. We are passionate about reducing the negative impact on the world so that the joy of music-making is additionally enhanced.”

It shouldn’t have taken a pandemic to realise this, but more than ever, instrument hygiene matters and for students and teachers alike, knowing that your instrument is safe to use remains a number one priority. 

That is why in collaboration with BBICO, Millers have been donating Edgware products to our extensive network of local teachers to help them continue to keep rehearsal spaces and lesson environments safe, secure and fun!

Whilst there remains no end in sight to the pandemic, musical communities continue to adapt and prove that spectacular and safe performances can still happen as proven by the British Royal Legion’s Remembrance Festival display. We believe that hygiene and safety are just as important in helping keep communities safe for a brighter future together!


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