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What Are The Different Types Of Saxophone?

When first delving into the world of the saxophone, many aspiring musicians are immediately met with a flood of questions: What type of saxophone do you want? What reeds do you want? What style of music do you want to play? With so many questions going on, it can be difficult for the beginner to even know where to start! That’s why we’ve broken down the different types of saxophone for you in an easy to follow guide to help you decide on what is going to be the right... Read More

Top 5 Apps to Learn Piano Online

So you’ve decided to learn the piano? Amazing! Welcome to an incredibly rewarding adventure that will be sure to get your creative juices flowing as you discover your own sound! Today we wanted to take some time to review some of the best online piano learning apps on the market to make your learning experience easy, fun and most importantly, accessible to your needs. Our Piano Experts have completed the research so you don’t have to and have picked out their favourite apps for learning piano online! So let’s get started... Read More