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How To Improve Your Posture When Playing Clarinet

When you’re just beginning a new instrument, one of the most common habits that many slip into is poor posture, when learning it’s easy to be so focused on hitting the right notes or mastering the tune that you often neglect the rest of your body. We often get a number of young learners and parents visit us asking for adaptations to their instrument with various heads, add-ons or accessories to make playing more comfortable, but we have found that 9 times out of 10, a little posture correction is... Read More


The Top Jazz Pianists of All Time

It’s no secret that we love jazz…and more importantly, we love the piano! That’s why today, in connection with International Jazz Day, we’re breaking down our list for some of our absolute favourite jazz pianists of all time. Before we kick off this list, to get you into the swinging jazz spirit, here’s a recent jazz piano performance that recently took place in our Cambridge showroom with jazz aficionado Robin Phillips! Now we’re in the spirit, let that sweet jazz piano play! Oscar Peterson First up we have the incredible... Read More


Our Pocket Guide To Cambridge!

Being a local independent business, we’re all about helping our fellow retailers, cafes and restaurants out! We often get asked ‘where’s good?’ and luckily, Cambridge is full of some of the most bespoke and artisan food establishments in the country, so we thought we’d list just some of our favourites here. If you’re looking for great food to compliment your day out in Cambridge, look no further, we’re sure there’ll be something for you – Don’t forget to tell them that Millers Music sent you! You can’t go wrong with... Read More


Music Matters: The Cross Eyed Pianist

In today’s instalment of Millers Music matters, we’re speaking to advanced amateur pianist and writer/blogger Frances Wilson, otherwise known online as ‘The Cross Eyed Pianist’. Frances has a wealth of both teaching knowledge and sheer passion for the piano. We wanted to get to know Frances’ story, why she loves the piano so much and to tell us a little more about the incredible community associated with this beautiful instrument. “Online I’m known as the cross eyed pianist and I’ve been blogging under that title for around 10 and a... Read More


St George’s Day – Best Of English Piano Musicianship

We love celebrating music! With so many incredible musicians coming out of the UK, we think it’s important to spend some time reflecting on the best, biggest and freshest names in each country’s history. Today, in connection with St George’s Day, we’re taking a slightly different approach and focusing specifically on some of the incredible pianists throughout English history. From household names to some which you might not have heard of before, this list will be sure to cover some of the boldest and most fascinating names in English piano... Read More


The Total Beginners Guide To Violin

When first stepping into the world of violins, it can be a little daunting or overwhelming. With so many brands, types and terms to remember, it can seem impossible to know which instrument is going to be perfect to begin either your own or your child’s musical journey. Today we’re sharing with you a quick and simple guide to help find the perfect beginner instrument for you, as well as explaining some of the simple terminology needed to begin making a well informed decision that is going to work best... Read More


Our Showroom Reopening Plan!

Exciting times are afoot! For many retailers April 12th marks an incredibly special day, the day that they are able to fling open their doors once more and continue trading in a somewhat ‘pre-covid’ way. Today we wanted to outline our approach to reopening, how we’re tackling the modern market and why we are NOT opening our doors in the way you might expect. How Has The World Changed? Firstly, let’s set some background. We all know that the past year has been unique and that the world has changed... Read More


How To Size A Violin Properly From Home

Finding the correct size violin for a child is one of the most common questions we often get asked. Luckily the process of sizing is actually incredibly easy and something you can even do from home with a little know how! Today we’ll walk you through a quick guide to the different sizes of violins out there as well as a quick and easy way that you can size a violin for a child using just a tape measure! What sizes of violins are there? Violins come in a whole... Read More


Fitting Silent Systems To Acoustic Pianos

Silent pianos are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason! A lot of people often say that they would love to have the feel of a real acoustic piano but often turn to digital pianos for one main reason… …The ability to play through headphones. Today we’re talking all things silent systems, why you might be interested in one and how they can help improve your playing experience. We’ll also be offering you some insider knowledge on retro-fitting silent systems and some of the more budget friendly options out there.... Read More


World Piano Day: Millers Live Review

It’s no secret that we love pianos…We’ve been selling them for over 165 years after all! To celebrate this World Piano Day, we took things a step further than most and were dedicated to bringing some piano excitement into your home from our Cambridge Showroom. The day was jam packed with fun conversation, insightful expert knowledge and one of the best performances our Cambridge showroom has ever seen. Here’s our recollection of the day laced in with all of our favourite moments so you can catch up on anything you... Read More