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How To Overcome The Fear Of Playing Piano In Front Of Others.

‘Stage fright’ is something that many, particularly new piano players suffer from and it can be a real frustration to know that whilst you are able to play something perfectly well to yourself, as soon as you go to play it in front of other people, you may feel like you freeze, forget things or would rather just stop playing. Of course, whilst public performing isn’t something you have to do in your piano journey and solo practice can be just as rewarding, it should be something that you are... Read More


Guide To Passing Grade 3: ABRSM Piano

Following on from our guides to both Grade 1 and Grade 2 ABRSM Piano exams, today we’re focusing on Grade 3 where things perhaps step up a smidge, however, just as the previous exams, it’s important to note that these exams are not as stressful as they may seem and should actually be something you actively look forward to, showing off your skills and developing an increasing love for the piano. Grade 3 is an interesting one as it’s where many piano players hit what is known as their first... Read More


Can You Still Learn The Piano With Arthritis?

Many people who suffer from arthritis feel as though they can’t play the piano. Perhaps they used to play when they were younger, or are a complete beginner and are looking to learn for the first time. Well we personally believe at Millers that even if you do suffer from arthritis and perhaps have mobility issues within your hands, that you can still get an immense level of enjoyment the piano and in fact, whilst it won’t cure the arthritis, by keeping your joints as active as possible, there is... Read More


Things To Consider When Buying A Digital Piano

So you’re looking to jump into the world of pianos? Fantastic! We know that sometimes things can be a little overwhelming when first trying to decide on the types of piano out there and how to know what might be the best instrument for you! Today we wanted to help break down those barriers and help find the right instrument for you and discuss the main things to consider when considering buying a digital piano. So without further ado, let’s dive in! We recently wrote about the differences between a... Read More


What Is The Difference Between A Digital Piano And A Keyboard?

When first jumping into the world of pianos, it can be difficult to distinguish some of the terminology that many online sources use when trying to explain or describe what the differences are between instruments. Today we want to help break down those barriers and explain the differences between what a keyboard and what a digital piano is. Whilst the two may sound similar, in our opinion, they couldn’t be farther apart from each other! If you are just looking to get started learning the piano, or are beginning to... Read More


Bach: Piano Sheet Music Essentials

When it comes to the piano and exceptional music, Bach is a name that you will hear again, and again…and again! But all for good measure, Johann Sebastian Bach remains one of the most celebrated and interesting classical composers to have ever lived.  Today, following our beginners guide to classical music and focuses on other iconic composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and Rachmaninoff, we focus on the works of Bach, offering his music in a number of ability based titles from our friends at Presto Music. Each of these... Read More


The Modern Piano Composers Keeping Classical Alive

“The world of classical is dead.”…Or so some believe! We personally thing that this statement could not be farther from the truth. Whilst many consider the golden age of classical music to be that of the Baroque or perhaps Romantic era, today we are casting our eyes to the beautifully exciting and ever expanding world of modern classical music. To the pianists and composers who are accelerating the art forwards and adding their own rich, unique flair to the tapestry of what constitutes high quality, classical composition. Also becoming known... Read More


Rachmaninoff: Piano Sheet Music Essentials

Few names within the piano world live up to the grandeur of Sergie Rachmaninoff, wherever his name is said, pianists turn heads and approach his works with an immense level of skill, appreciation and exhilaration. Comparitively, Rachmaninoff is a relatively modern composer, but above all, an exceptional pianist, following our reviews of sheet music from the likes of the incredible Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin and our Beginners Guide To Classical, today we step into the world of Rachmaninoff, whose flair and passion for play is simply ecstatic. Whilst many may... Read More


Chopin: Piano Sheet Music Essentials

When it comes to piano greats, few stand higher than that of Frédéric Chopin, also known as “The poet of the piano” and perhaps even the greatest pianist of all time, Chopin has become a true aspiration for thousands of pianists over the years.  Following our focuses on the essential sheet music from the likes of Beethoven and Mozart, thanks to the help from our friends at Presto Music, we bring you the best of Chopin sheet music, whether you’re so whether you are a total beginner, seasoned player or... Read More


How To Improve Your Piano Posture

When it comes to getting the most out of your piano playing, few things are as important as your posture. Much like then we work at offices or desks, when ‘working’ behind a piano, with incorrect posture, you will likely find yourself in a large amount of discomfort, your playing will suffer and perhaps most importantly, your enjoyment of the incredible instrument will decline. Today we wanted to break down five quick, easy and actionable tips in order to help improve your piano playing posture and get the most from... Read More