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Top Classical Pianists Of All Time

Throughout the ages, the meaning of what it is to be a ‘classical pianist’ has continued to dazzle audiences with immaculate and impeccable piano playing. With sensational control over expression, seamless use of tonal control and the ability to truly voice a piano, the classical pianist sets a benchmark for some of the finest musicians in the world. Following our beginner’s guide to classical music, we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of our favourite classical pianists of all time, covering the likes of some of the most... Read More


The Anatomy Of An Upright Piano

The inner workings of a piano is often a mystery, even to some pianists! With thousands of parts working in complete harmony to create an intended tone, it’s often not surprising that many don’t take the time to understand their instrument. Today we thought we’d take a moment to help explain a little more about some of the more basic intricacies of what goes into a piano, what they do and how they work together to create an instrument that will be loved for years to come.  The Front &... Read More


The Beginners Guide To Classical Music

The wonderful world of classical music can seem intimidating, elitist, or even outright incomprehensible to many when they first encounter the genre. However, with just a little context, we believe that anyone can enjoy the glory of classical music and open their musical horizons to an entire new level of musical appreciation. Today, we intend to break down the walls of what makes classical music such a struggle for so many modern listeners and offer guidance, support and a little history into the genre to help appreciate the ways in... Read More


Guide To Passing Grade 2: ABRSM Piano

Following our highly requested tips for passing Grade 1 ABRSM and our top tips for helping your child want to practice piano, we are continuing our journey throughout the exam criteria and offering a number of tips and tricks to help yourself, your child or your student through the exam period and complete their Grade 2 exams! Providing they have already completed Grade 1, Grade 2 is actually somewhat similar and there is not a massive leap between the two, so hopefully you will be able to enter this exam... Read More


Why Are Pianos So Expensive? – Budget Friendly Piano Options

To the current non-pianist, the price point of pianos can seem ludicrous, some are the equivalent to a deposit on a home, but others can come in at just a few hundred pounds…But what are the real differences? All have 88 keys, use some kind of action and create that serene sound we all know and love. So just why are premium pianos so expensive? And why can that price be justified? Well today we wanted to break down exactly what goes into premium instruments that can cost anywhere up... Read More


MUSIC MATTERS: Nicole Reynolds – @PianoCole

With the exponential rise in popularity across video sharing platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Reels, more and more musical influencers are sharing their stories and their talents, bringing music to the masses and inspiring more and more people to let learning music into their life. Today we speak to one such influencer who has skyrocketed her following by producing fun, engaging and simply mesmerising piano content that really pulls at the heartstrings. Nicole Reynolds, known online as PianoCole, is a 26 year old pianist who’s popular niche has become... Read More


How To Encourage Your Child To Keep Playing The Piano

A common worry we often hear parents say is that their child struggles to focus on practising the piano or that they are worried that after buying an instrument, they’ll give it up a few months in. Whether you would like to encourage your child to take up piano, or if your child is having a ‘blip’ in wanting to practice, here are our top tips to help keep them engaged and reignite their passion for music! What we’re not saying here is that you won’t hear “I don’t want... Read More


School Spotlight: Derby School Of Music

We love working incredibly closely with music schools, teachers and education centres across the country. Today we wanted to cast our spotlight over to the incredible Derby School Of Music. Being originally founded in 1885, this school is rich with heritage and is believed to be one of, if not the oldest, music schools in the Midlands. They are the largest music school in Derby, supporting around 300 pupils every week. We speak to the current owner of the school and the man who helped bring this institution back into... Read More


How To Get Back Into Playing The Piano After A Break

Returning to the piano after a prolonged hiatus or break can seem a little intimidating at first. Perhaps you learned diligently as a child, or gave up as you entered adult life as other responsibilities became apparent. Whatever the reason for stopping, the important thing is that you’re back and ready to jump back in! We have a lot of people who often come to us with the same question and it can be easy to jump the gun so to speak and feel like you’ll be able to do... Read More


Music Matters: Nordoff Robbins

At Millers, we believe in supporting and sharing the message of the power of music in all its forms. Today we wanted to cast our spotlight on our new friends at Nordoff Robbins, the UK’s largest music therapy charity, who continue to enrich and inspire the lives of people with life-limiting illness, disabilities or feelings of isolation through the beauty of music. We want to not only share their incredible message with our own musical communities, but also continue their quest for awareness of the impact music has on both... Read More