Inside Roland’s New FP-X Range!

Roland have long been at the forefront of digital technological pioneering and their new FP-X range is set to hit the world by storm over the coming months, serving as the latest in the FP range of portable pianos!

This range features 3 new models – the FP-30XFP-60X and FP-90X, the new installation of their predecessors, the FP30, FP60 and FP90, each favouring unique features and each being built for both entry-level, mid level and high level players. Today we’ll be comparing the three models and helping you discover which FP-X might be perfect for you!

So let’s get started!

To kick things off, let’s set some context about Roland as a brand. Roland have long been considered pioneers within the technological advances within music. Their products are notorious for featuring the absolute latest in sound engineering, many of which have now become industry staples.

For example their SuperNATURAL sound engines have long been considered an entirely unique and masterful example of sound ‘sampling’ where Roland have been able to use artificial intelligence in order to ‘create’ the sound that you are looking for through countless factors such as, the force on the key, the speed of the touch and how delicately the key is pressed in order to replicate the exact tone that you are looking for. This is completely different to that of sound sampling which uses a wide range of pre-recorded sounds and select the one they think is closest. Instead Roland use all of these factors to ‘create’ the perfect sound for you. The SuperNATURAL sound engine is found on FP-X both the FP-30X and FP-60X, the FP-90X however uses an even more fun system which we will get to momentarily!

So without any further delay, let’s focus on the big changes to the FP-X range that we know you’ll love.


The Sound

Unsurprisingly, the most important thing when it comes to any instrument is the sound quality and here we have two fantastic approaches, as mentioned both the FP-30X and FP-60X both host Roland’s incredible SuperNATURAL piano engines, meaning you will be able to find the exact tone and touch you are looking for. However the FP-90X has taken this a step further and introduced a new game changer for Roland digital in the form of Pure Acoustic Piano Modeling technology for “ultimate piano realism” with unlimited polyphony.

My Stage

A new and exciting addition to the FP-X range is the introduction of ‘My Stage’ – Roland’s latest step in allowing users to adapt your piano’s ambient sound to not only find the perfect tone for you, but also match it to the sound of the room you are playing in, giving a truly 360 degree sound experience when playing out loud. This new technology offers an incredible difference and allows you to truly express your piano in the way you want to – want to give off the impression you’re playing in a tight room? No problem – what about the sound of playing in a grand concert hall? The FP-60X and FP-90X can achieve that!

Added Features

The first big change within the FP-X range is the addition of left and right sound inputs on the FP30X, this makes the entry level piano perfect for gigging musicians who are in need of additional inputs when out performing and plugging into PA systems, something that the previous FP30 did not host.

Meanwhile the FP-60X and FP-90X have also introduced the amazing addition of a microphone input. If you are a keen singer/songwriter, this instrument was made for you! Now you’ll have the ability to both play and sing with a microphone at the same time. The files can then be recorded and saved to an MP3 file on your computer via Bluetooth MIDI and Audio settings.


Supported Learning

Another new addition to the FP-X range is the introduction of both the Piano Designer and Piano Every Day apps on all models to help your learning experience and make your learning process both accessible and enjoyable.

The piano everyday app features some fantastic new learning features such as sheet music storage, reminders to practice and can even rate your playing potential via a gamified scoring system to keep you engaged! The apps are being designed to transition Roland users from the Partner Piano app – which is still being supported and will feature all of the same capabilities and will be available on both IOS and Android devices. 

The FP-X range is looking to launch in Mid-late February 2021 and pre-orders are now open! For more information on the FP-X range, model specifics and arrival times look here.

NOTE: The addition of the new FP-X range does not affect any existing orders on Roland FP products. The FP-10 will still continue to be in production.

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Likewise if you have any questions on either of the models mentioned here today, our expert customer service team would be happy to help! Get in touch today!


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