The Best Musical Stocking Fillers This Christmas!

Christmas is coming! So as we all begin scrambling for those last minute holiday gifts, our eyes are also turning to those fantastic smaller presents that often get overlooked, but can mean so much to the ones you love!

Here are our favourite stocking fillers for under £50 that would be perfect for your musical friends, family or even as a cheeky gift to yourself!

1) Headphones

Every musician and music lover needs new headphones! Whether it be for playing silently on a new digital piano, for when you are out and about, or even just listening to your favourite tracks in your bedroom, you can’t go wrong with a great set of new headphones.

As with many things, when buying headphones, you do very often get what you pay for and of course higher end headphones will deliver some amazing results, however for a great starting point or upgrade to begin with would be the Yamaha HPH-50 delivering powerful sound with stylish yamaha design! We’ve also just written another article to help you choose the perfect headphones for piano practice! 


2) A New Piano Style Sustain Pedal

When first learning on a digital piano, many players often struggle with (or soon outgrow) the ‘box’ style sustain pedals that come with many digital pianos. This is especially true for those who play on an acoustic piano during lessons, or those who are ready to learn more complex piano pieces.

If this is the case, then a piano action style sustain pedal might be perfect for you. Pedals such as the Stagg Piano Style Sustain Pedal allow the user to combine the simplicity and portability of a digital piano with the intricate control of an acoustic piano.

This more authentic feel will not only help the musician to feel more comfortable on their piano, but also allow them to add ‘half pedalling’ into their compositions and feel more comfortable when transitioning between practicing at home on a digital and performing on an acoustic.

3) Books

Who doesn’t love a good book for Christmas?! Especially if it’s a songbook!

Songbooks come in all shapes and sizes, difficulties and styles. We pride outselves on having a whole host of books and sheet music containing everything from fully graded syllabuses, to beginner handbooks and even music practice diaries.

No matter what genre or piece you are looking for, there is a book out there for you! Not sure what style you’d like? Our experts are on hand to help!


4) Nanoblock’s Grand Piano 

A great fun and inexpensive gift that will be sure to make any pianist smile! The Nanoblock’s Grand Piano makes for a great stocking filler, ornament piece and something for young ones to build after Christmas dinner. (We’ve been told they also make great presents for your music teachers too!) 

5) Cleaning Products!

If 2020 year has taught us anything, it’s that safety and hygiene are crucial to maintaining a well functioning and safe musical environment. What better way to treat your clarinet lover or saxophone enthusiast than some of our newest environmentally friendly cleaning range – Edgware!

Edgware by BBICO are leaders in considering the environmental impact on instrument cleanliness. Where many cleaning brands use harsh chemicals or petroleum based formulas, Edgware are all environmentally friendly and ethically sourced, so much so that they’re even safe for children to apply unsupervised. Read about our full partnership with Edgware here.

Earrings / Jewellery / Cufflinks

Who doesn’t love a new bit of sparkle! Any music lover would be happy to show off their enthusiasm for their craft with a new set of earrings or cufflinks. The level of personalisation here is unlimited, for example we think that any piano lover would love this set of cufflinks!

 Music Fun Facts

A great one for younger players and just music enthusiasts alike! These fun facts give you not only great icebreakers to share with your musical friends, but are also tonnes of fun facts to slip into conversation when you can to make you sound like a real musical expert! 

There you have it, a few quick ideas to get you into the holiday spirit! If you’re looking for an instrument this Christmas, check out our full ranges of incredible instruments and favourite Christmas Piano Picks here! Or if you’d like any further assistance, our customer experience team are on hand to answer any questions!

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