Yamaha Unveils Clavinova CLP-725 and DGX-670!

We are thrilled to announce today the arrival of the all new Yamaha Clavinova CLP-725 and DGX670, set to arrive in spring 2021! The CLP-725 is the final addition to the CLP700 series and Clavinova family and the DGX670 is the follow up to the much loved DGX660. Fans of Yamaha rejoice as we delve into what makes these new models fantastic and why we are so excited to get our hands on them!

Let’s kick off with the CLP-725. Utilising the forefront of technological advances in digital pianos, the CLP-725 is the final addition to the CLP-700 series. This incredible instrument converts the slightest variations in touch into a limitless range of sound that captures your individuality as a musician. Yamaha claims that thanks to this incredible technology, the CLP-700 series is now as close to replicating the sound of an acoustic grand pianos than ever before. This essentially means that your instrument (and you!) now has an entirely new way of expressing itself, something we absolutely can’t get enough of!

CLP-725: Features We Love!

The Touch – GrandTouch-STM Keyboard

Yamaha have had over a century to figure out what makes the ‘perfect touch’ and have continued to develop this incredible technology within their digital ranges. Now the GrandTouch-STM keyboard, found on the CLP-725, has been improved to include such a broad dynamic range that it actually boasts the response on the level of an acoustic grand piano, meaning every note delivers EXACTLY as intended.

The Sound – Classic Yamaha Quality

Likewise, the speakers and sound system do not falter on this product either – The Clavinova CLP-725 reproduces your sound in that classic Yamaha fashion. It’s powerful, it’s diverse and it’s fully controllable, giving you full control over your instrument and it’s capabilities. Virtual Resonance Modeling intricately simulates the full sympathetic sounds created by the overlapping resonance of the strings and body of a grand piano, giving you potentially the power of a grand in less than a fraction of the size!

The Design

The final thing that we really can’t get enough of and something that Yamaha are consistently delivering is a sleek and compact design for all of this incredible musical potential! The “uniform Clavinova shape” has become a bit of a staple within the digital piano world and the CLP-725 more than fits the bill in 4 unique colour variations (Dark Rosewood, Black, White and Polished Ebony). On a more subtle note, the power indicator has been moved from the front panel to the on/off switch, positioned to the right of the keyboard for that added bit of sleekness.

Being fully compatible with the SmartPianist app and fully headphone compatible for silent playing, this piano is ideal for both beginners and seasoned musicians looking to upgrade their digital home piano. With 10 unique voices, the sound potential of the piano is varied and will keep you coming back for years to come!

DGX-670: Never play alone again!

Next up, let’s explore the all new DGX-670, a highly exciting product for those who love recording, playing and experimenting with a full array of sound in one compact keyboard!

The DGX-670 is a digital piano for enjoying everything from traditional piano playing to playing along with other instruments and even your friends. In addition to the high quality piano sound, the advanced Automatic Accompaniment Styles provide backing in a wide range of musical genres including pop, R&B and jazz and whole host of other sounds to give you a real ‘play along live’ experience that few other instruments replicate this effectively! We’ve always found products like these fantastic for musicians who love to improvise, dabble and put their own unique twists on their playing.

The DGX-670 is packed with a whole host of features but our absolute favourite has to be the addition of a microphone port, allowing for perfect recording and practicing for singers, songwriters or even just those who love a bit of karaoke. The piano also features various studio-quality effects such as chorus to your singing voice to give that little extra touch of personalisation!

‘Personal’ is definitely the word that comes to mind when looking at the DGX-670 as it features over 630 realistic-sounding instruments including: Electric pianos, organs, and strings, to catchy synthesized sounds. That’s not all though, you are also able to activate the advanced Automatic Accompaniment Styles options. This feature makes it possible to jam with any number of other “musicians”, from a simple three piece combo with basic backing drums to a big band and full orchestra…In fact there are over 260 different accompaniment styles, so you’ll be sure to find one that suits your playing style!

…But that’s not all! The technology within the DGX-670 is actually so advanced that these accompaniments are also equipped with Adaptive Style, a function that automatically analyses your playing in real time and arranges the accompaniment to suit the mood of the music. This means that if you play with more intensity or tempo, the Adaptive Style ramps up the accompaniment and increases their tempo in full harmony with you. Likewise, if you decide to slow things down and switch to a mellower mood, and the Adaptive Style mellows out along with you. The accompaniment joins you wherever you are at any given time, giving every tune the thrilling feel of a live performance…A big YES in our books!

Overall, we’re incredibly excited about both the DGX-670 and Clavinova CLP-725 and are incredible excited to welcome them both in spring/summer 2021!

These incredible piano really will provide an new and unique playing experience for any musician of any age and musical persuasion. It really seems like Yamaha are continuing to push the note of individuality and creating incredible instruments that offer a new and exciting playing experience every single time!

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