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Discover The Right Piano For You 

We understand that trying to find the right piano for you is no easy task and without guidance, things can seem a little overwhelming. If this sounds like you and you're not quite sure what the differences are between different brands, why that matters and how it will impact your playing, we've written this guide to help clarify a few things for you. 

Below you'll find our ranges of both acoustic and digital pianos, as well as the main brands that we adopt and actively promote as some of the best made pianos in the world. To make things even easier, we've split things into acoustic and digital piano brands so even if you've never heard of these brands before, you'll know what they specialise in. For those who are completely new to the world of piano and aren't quite sure where to even begin, we'd highly recommend reading this guide to learning more about the different types of piano available to help decide on the right instrument for you.

If you still can't find what your looking for, or would like any further advice on helping find the right piano for you, we'd highly recommend contacting our piano experts or visiting our Cambridge piano showroom.

Piano in it's purest form. These instruments produce what we like to call 'real' sound, where the sound is being physically produced by hammers hitting a string (learn more about how acoustic pianos work here.) Generally speaking, acoustic pianos are what we'd recommend to almost anyone looking to truly develop their piano playing. These instruments are highly durable, hold their value and if well kept, will last a lifetime.

When it comes to acoustic pianos, we are primarily speaking about grand and upright pianos. These instruments do require slightly more room than digital counterparts and are significantly louder. For those worried about noise however, there are a number of sensational technologies out there that allow even acoustic pianos to be played silently. Learn more about silent pianos here.

For those looking for a budget friendly entry to acoustic pianos, we do provide a number of secondhand acoustic pianos and have an ever changing selection available to buy that we receive as part exchanges. Learn more about buying a secondhand piano here.

Widely considered as the pinnacle of German produced piano craftsmanship, C.Bechstein are continuously innovating to produce the highest quality instruments on the planet through their Concert, Academy and Residence series. For those looking for the best of the best, look no further.

W. Hoffmann pianos are produced by C.Bechstein in their Czech-republic factory and with them bring the same level of precision and performance that their German counterparts do. Warm, rich and sophisticated sound with sensational touch response and detail.

The entry level into the C.Bechstein family, Zimmermann instruments combine the expertise of German sound design with state of the art Asian production techniques, leading to incredibly high quality instruments as a far lower price point.

Produced by the largest piano manufacturer in the world, Pearl River in their state of the art factory in China, we've been astounded by the quality of Ritmüller pianos. Influenced by European sound design with stunning aesthetic prowess, Ritmüller presents an extremely good value instrument that will encourage years of play.

Widely considered to be the most popular of the piano brands, Yamaha produce some excellent instruments and deliver a vast range of pianos that suit a number of needs. We often get asked about their B-Series and U-Series, both of which can be great for new learners.

Sensational instruments produced in Japan, Kawai continue to produce some incredibly high quality upright and grand pianos. For those looking for a brighter toned instrument with a relatively light touch, Kawai are a solid route to consider.

Please note: There is currently a GLOBAL shortage crisis on digital pianos and we are not expecting to receive stock from most brands until as far forwards as mid-late 2023. Learn more about this crisis here.

Many people adopt digital pianos as they are fantastic, lower priced entry points into the world of piano. All of the digital pianos that we stock are fully weighted and designed to help encourage piano playing. From portable pianos to home digital cabinets, digital pianos can be a fantastic option to begin your journey. For those looking for keyboards or synthesizers (yes, there is a difference), we'd recommend utilising another supplier.


From entry level portable instruments to the highest quality digital pianos on the market with the Grand Hybrid Range in partnership with C.Bechstein, Casio are continuously producing some truly sensational digital instruments.


Much like their acoustic counterparts, Kawai digital pianos are reliable and produced to an incredibly high quality. Their range varies from entry level instruments through to the incredibly Concert Artist range, ideal for advancing players.


Perhaps even larger than their acoustic market is the Yamaha digital piano range. Well sampled instruments that deliver a more than satisfactory playing experience.


Innovators in both sound design and technological advancement, Roland's SUPERNATURAL sound engine is truly a masterpiece of modern engineering. Their range is variable and suitable to both gigging musicians and those who need a home piano.

We've been selling pianos for over 165 years, so we've learned a thing or two during that time! We are incredibly proud of our team's knowledge and approach when it comes to helping our customers and clients find the right instrument for them. Ultimately our goal isn't to sell you a piano, it's to help you fall in love with playing! 

As such, we've dedicated an enormous level of time and effort into our industry leading blog for tips, tricks and advice to help you on every step of your piano journey.

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