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Ready to introduce your dream piano into your home?

Pianos come in all shapes, sizes, styles and cabinet designs. From exquisite Grand Pianos to Entry Level Acoustic Upright Pianos, there's never a better time to discover the next step on your musical journey...

Grand Pianos

Discover the sheer power and grandeur of handcrafted Grand Pianos.

- Stunningly handcrafted from the finest materials in the world
- Varying sizes for any room, ranging from baby grands to full concert grands
- Impeccable sound quality, experience piano in it's truest form

Upright Pianos

Add a sense of elegance into your home with compact but sublime Upright Pianos.

- Compact instruments ranging from around 110cm to 135cm high
- Sleek and stylish design perfectly suited for modern living
- Easily fitted with silent systems for silent practice

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Discover the pinnacles of Asian and European piano sound engineering.

Elegant European Craftsmanship

Discover the rich heritage of European sound design from world leading brands such as C.Bechstein, W.Hoffman, Zimmermann and Ritmuller.

- Often characterised as a 'fuller' sound
- Ideal for classical and jazz piano
- Warm and inviting pianissimo

Serene Asian Sound Quality

Explore the exotic brightness associated with Japanese and Asian origin pianos from manufacturers such as Kawai and Yamaha.

- Signature 'bright' or 'bouncy' sound
- Offers a wonderful introduction to acoustic sound
- Projects treble notes particularly well


Whether you have a few more questions about our piano range or would prefer to book your piano demonstration over the phone, our experts are here to help however we can. For more information on the pianos we currently have available, you can also call our Piano Showroom Teams on: 01223 224 824