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Ready to introduce the joys of piano into your home and your child's life?

Let us help you find their ideal starter instrument with our personalised demonstrations with our piano experts.

Pianos come in all shapes, sizes, styles and cabinet designs so it can be difficult to know where to start. From entry level acoustic upright instruments to high quality digital pianos, these instruments will help them take the next step in their musical journey.

Acoustic Pianos

An Instrument That They'll Cherish For Life.

Authentic acoustic touch
Easily fitted with silent systems
Durable instruments that hold value and last a lifetime.

Digital Pianos

Fantastic Instruments To Start Inspiring Creativity.

Sleek design
Exceptional digital sound sampling
Digital functionality and connectivity


Discover the pinnacles of Asian and European piano sound engineering.

Elegant European Craftsmanship

Discover the rich heritage of European sound design from world leading brands such as C.BechsteinW.HoffmanZimmermann and Ritmuller.

Often characterised as a 'fuller' sound
Ideal for classical and jazz piano
Warm and inviting pianissimo

Serene Asian Sound Quality

Explore the exotic brightness associated with Japanese and Asian origin pianos from manufacturers such as Kawai and Yamaha.

Signature 'bright' or 'bouncy' sound

Offers a wonderful introduction to acoustic sound
Projects treble notes particularly well


Whether you have a few more questions about our piano range or would prefer to book your piano demonstration over the phone, our experts are here to help however we can.