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Being A Part Of The Community.

We're firm believers that when you achieve your dreams, so do we. That is why we have a moral responsibility and obligation to both our team and our customers to ensure that we are constantly innovating to improve our impact on not only the environment, but also to constantly be improving the ways in which we interact and help local teachers, students and musical communities across the nation. Read below some of our initiatives that we are undertaking to help musical dreams come true! 

Breathing New Life Into Pre-loved Instruments

We're firm believers that every instrument deserves a second chance at life. That is why our technicians and repair specialists will do all we can to help bring a pre-loved instrument to life and make it a part of our extensive second hand collection.

We are also committed to using eco-friendly, recycled and biodegradable packaging in all Millers orders to help reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

Our Team Matters

We believe in creating an environment that allows our team to thrive. Part of this is giving our team a safe and enjoyable space where they know they matter.

No idea is ignored and every voice matters.

As a part of this, we also run weekly health and well-being groups with our team where they can raise any issues they are struggling with, both personal and professional.

Supporting Our Teachers

In order to allow musical dreams to flourish, we believe in helping out those most in need however we can. From donating equipment to offering discount to those who shop with us regularly, we support an entire network of teachers via our Teacher Privilege Scheme to help allow them offer resources to their students however we can.

Explore our work with teachers here.