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Located in the heart of Cambridge, our showroom is one of the largest and most varied in the East of England. We house a multitude of pianos, from the mighty C.Bechstein concert level pianos through to second hand or refurbished instruments that are ideal for new learners. 

We value service above all else and offering great advice you won't get anywhere else. Our experts will help break down the philosophies and tones of each instrument to help find the perfect piano for your requirements.

  • Address: 14 Sussex Street, Cambridge, CB1 1PW
  • Phone: 01223 354 452
  • Opening Hours:
    Tuesday-Saturday, 10AM - 4:30PM
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Directions To The Showroom

By Car:

The nearest car park to our showroom is the Grand Arcade Car Park, Corn Exchange St, Cambridge CB2 3QF.
This is a short 5 minute walk from the showroom along Sidney Street and onto Sussex Street.
Please note that the historical Park Street Car Park has now been closed indefinitely for renovations.

By Train:

Please note that we are around a 20 minute walk from Cambridge train station.

For those with mobility concerns, please contact our showroom team who will be able to advise further.

Our Showroom Team

Simon Pollard

Simon is the managing director of Millers Music and has been in the piano industry for almost two decades.

Having travelled the world, he has visited the various factories all of our pianos are built in and has an exceptional understanding of each brand and their design philosophies.

Ollie Finn

Ollie is our showroom manager and leading piano demonstrator. His exceptional understanding of both acoustic and digital pianos has made him one of the most knowledgeable showroom managers in the country.

Ollie is our in-house specialist for  digital piano demonstrations.

Catherine Hitchins

Catherine is the latest addition to the showroom team. Being a grade 8 pianist, she is an exceptionally talented player with extensive knowledge in piano technique, tonality and extracting the most from any instrument.

Catherine also has a plethora of experience working with younger children, making piano demonstrations fun and engaging.

The Showroom Experience

Starting Your Journey

We know that the decision to purchase a piano is no small one and for many, a new piano is also a lifelong partner to grow a deep connection with.

That is why we believe that finding the right piano for you is absolutely paramount. We want to get to understand your goals, musical aspirations and requirements to ensure that every time you sit as your instrument you fall that little bit more in love with it.

As such, from the moment you visit our showrooms, our experts will be there to help guide you through every step of the way. From understanding the room the piano is going in, to your personal ability, this will help us form an idea on the right kinds of pianos to show you and determine which factors matter most to you in your instrument.

Finding The Right Instrument

We understand that no two pianists are the same. Some are comfortable performing in front of others, some prefer to practice in solitude and perhaps some have never even touched a piano before. 

No matter the case, every appointment in our showroom is tailored to meet your needs. As we do operate on an appointment basis, you are given full range of the showroom and will have total privacy to connect with the instrument.

For those not comfortable performing, or who would like certain features of the instrument to be demonstrated, our experts will be on hand as required.

For those who do just want to experience the touch, tone and colour of the ranges, we will be waiting in the wings for when you are ready and if you have absolutely any questions, will be on hand to help answer them for you.

Making Your Decision

We know that investing in a piano is no small decision and so we won't be pressuring you to purchase then and there.

Once you're confident in your decision, we will be there to help answer any outstanding questions you may have and then get you set up on our dedicated aftercare programme.

We'll be in touch every step of the way to make sure you're always in the know regarding any updates to the delivery of your piano, when it is being prepped by our technicians and your confirmed delivery dates from our dedicated piano specialist couriers. 

Even once your instrument has settled in, we'll still be in touch to make sure it's everything you were hoping for and to offer advice on up keeping the maintenance of your instrument to ensure a long and healthy life.

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