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Whether you wish to sell, part-exchange or donate your instrument our service provides some of the most comprehensive advice and best value available in the UK. We have decades of experience buying, selling and renting pianos. Not only that but we have a team of our own, highly experienced piano technicians in the field working on instruments of all ages and standards. Unlike many other dealers we also run a highly successful rental fleet, we can put even older instruments out on our fleet and give them years more service.

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Why Sell Your Piano to Us?

Selling a piano is not necessarily easy, especially if it is an older. Even if it is a newer instrument and has a warranty, most warranties are not transferrable to another owner so the buyer assumes all the risk and cost if there is a fault.

In some cases it can difficult to even given a piano away because they require specialists with costs to move, repair, or dispose being considerable. The UK has hundreds of thousands if not millions of pianos up and down the country left over from our once thriving piano manufacturing industry plus many more cheap imports from the Far East, as well as tens of thousands from the Japanese manufacturers. This makes it a very challenging market to sell privately.

As a dealer we are not able to organise quick, professional collection. We can assess instruments and put a warranty back on them making them far more attractive to customers than buying privately. We can also include pianos in our rental scheme which private sellers cannot, giving access to acoustic pianos but without the risk of an upfront purchase.

For those looking to donate a piano, we are currently only operating this service across East Anglia but we will look to expand once piloted.If you haven't heard from us within 14 days then please assume that we are not interested in your piano right now. We will however keep your details on file unless requested otherwise and let you know if and when we have options available.

Part Exchanging Your Piano

The easiest way to deal with your existing piano can often be part-exchanging it especially if it is an older instrument. The reason for this is that we can incorporate the cost of collecting your old instrument as part of any offer. When all costs are considered you will likely receive the best value.

Many of our clients wish to part-exchange their piano against a new one. This is a service we are proud to offer on acoustics or digital pianos. We understand that most people only buy maybe one or two pianos in their lifetime, so when it comes to upgrading their existing piano, many clients want to make sure their existing piano is looked after.

With our experience in selling instruments of all kinds, expert in-house technicians, and our industry-leading rental schemes we can often offer very competitive part-exchange prices and take instruments then many other retailers will not.

The best way to get started is to fill out our specially designed form and one of our team will be in touch.

Part-Exchange My Piano

What pianos do we purchase or consider for donation?

We hate to see good, serviceable instruments go to waste!

We have been buying and selling pianos for over 165 years and hate seeing them go to waste. We believe older pianos can be a great value proposition for many of our clients either for purchase, to rent, or for donation to schools or other organisations in need.

There have literally been thousands of piano manufacturers over the last two centuries, during our time we have seen many of them. Some were good, others great, but many unfortunately were not. In addition some that were great are now getting very old, pianos don't last forever without major restoration work and this can run into many thousands of pounds, even tens of thousands of pounds.

As a rule, with acoustic pianos those from the last 40 years are most desirable for sale or for including on our rental fleet. Those up to 60 years old can be good for donation although there are some specific makes and models that are more desirable and others with known problems. If instruments are older than this they generally need to have had major restoration work in order to suitable for donation otherwise moving the piano can often be enough to dislodge action parts. We can also take digital instruments in full working order for donation but may require them to be taken apart and brought to us.

Acoustic Pianos

We purchase and part-exchange quality upright and grand pianos, mostly British or European-made: examples of piano manufacturers Kemble (80's onwards), Knight, Welmar, Yamaha, Kawai, Fazer, Bechstein, Hoffmann, Zimmermann, Waldstein*, Bentley*, Steinbach*, Petrof.

We do also purchase better quality Far Eastern instruments from high quality factories such as Pearl River or Hailun. These come under a variety of brand names and can often cross over with the European names.

Sell My Acoustic Piano

Digital Pianos

We purchase, part-exchange, or donate instruments from the major piano manufacturers: Casio, Kawai, Roland, and Yamaha

Unfortunately we are unable to purchase or part-exchange instruments from manufacturers without UK parts supply. These include Gear4Music, Chase Direct, Classenti, or Mustar. Depending on the age we may be able to take some of these in for donation providing they are in full working order.

Sell My Digital Piano

Assessment & Evaluation Process

Pianos come in many shapes and sizes, valuing them can be an expert task as small details can make a big difference.

In most cases our experts can provide a quick assessment from the details requested including the make, model, and finish as well as a selection of quality photos. They will generally offer a guide price range as a part-exchange or purchase but this is subject to condition.

If we don't maintain the instrument ourselves we request a technician to visit, tune the instrument and fully assess it before we can commit to making a purchase. This is chargeable at £120 but refundable should you proceed with a sale to us.

Acoustic pianos and larger digital pianos generally require specialist movers and we taken into account all costs when offering a valuation. Smaller digital pianos or portable pianos can generally be disassembled and moved relatively easily. We can offer a collection service with our professional piano movers if required but we often find it is far more economical for clients to bring these instruments to us as they achieve the highest value.