Residence R118 Contour C.Bechstein
C.Bechstein Residence Contur 118 Upright Piano
C.Bechstein Residence Contur 118 Upright Piano
C.Bechstein Residence Contur 118 Upright Piano
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Residence R118 Contour C.Bechstein
C.Bechstein Residence Contur 118 Upright Piano
C.Bechstein Residence Contur 118 Upright Piano
C.Bechstein Residence Contur 118 Upright Piano

C.Bechstein Residence Contur 118 Upright Piano

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The C Bechstein Residence Contur 118 is identical to the Classic 118, but with a more rounded cabinet and small brass accents on the legs and top panel. This relatively compact instrument has an incredibly charming tone, with a balance of richness and transparency that you won't find in other upright pianos.


Immaculate Design

The Contur 118 from C.Bechstein uses only the finest materials; the Grade 3+ Ciresa soundboard comes from Italy, but is then finished and shaped by C. Bechstein in Germany. Every other component is designed and produced especially for the C. Bechstein range. The natural materials are prepared in climate controlled conditions before being shaped by master craftsmen and craftswomen.

The frames for the C.Bechstein Contur 118 is cast using a traditional process in a sand mould at more than a thousand degrees Celsius, resulting in a plate which has a high carbon content which in turn has a positive influence on the natural resonant frequencies of the metal.

The strings in the Contur 118 are manufactured by C.Bechstein in their Czech Republic factory, to exacting standards Each bass string is wrapped with copper by highly skilled craftsmen such as Maik Ebermann who has been with Bechstein since 1997.

The cabinet which holds everything together is built by master craftsmen with a very holistic approach. Every element is combined perfectly to create a single instrument. The action is regulated and voiced by master technicians to the precise needs of the individual Piano.


Sensational Response & Voice

Like the Classic 118, the C.Bechstein Contur 118 has an absolutely fantastic touch and response, which is particularly noticeable at lower dynamics. Despite being one of the smaller instruments in the C.Bechstein range of uprights, it has an incredible bass tone and response that is better than many mid-sized grands. It’s hard to believe how good this instrument sounds until you hear it. The Contur 118 is everything an upright Piano should be. The quality of build and the components like walnut hammers are all second to none.

Entirely Personal

Remember that as with any of the C.Bechstein Piano range, we can fit a Vario system to the Contur 118 so you can play with headphones on! The Bechstein Vario system captures every detail of your playing dynamic and reproduces your performance and practice digitally.

The Vario system is designed to be unobtrusive and is available in either black or white. The control panel slides out from under the left hand side of the keybed, giving you a large touchscreen where you can access different instrument sounds, volume controls, recording options and other settings. For those a little more tech-savvy, you can connect your computer, phone or tablet via USB for full MIDI control, or you can use the audio inputs and outputs to either record to an external device or play along with your own choice of MP3s or CDs.

If you’d like to add a Vario system to your C.Bechstein Contur 118, use the 'Ask A Question Button' to learn more. If you already have a Bechstein, it is very possible we’ll be able to fit a Vario System to your existing Piano within a day in your home!


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