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Pre Loved Pianos

We know that finding a second hand instrument can be tricky. As pianos have been manufactured for well over a century now, countless brands have come and gone over the years, making it incredibly difficult to know which models are worth looking for and others which can be worth avoiding.

Below you will find a few of the common 'older' second hand brands that you may come across whilst looking for a second hand piano as well as guides to buying a second hand piano.

Likewise, if you are looking to sell your older piano, we'd be interested! Feel free to get in touch today, our expert team would be happy to help find your dream second hand instrument!

Kemble (1911-2009)

Old British manufacturer based in Milton Keynes, now owned by Yamaha and were produced in Indonesia until 2019. Following a large investment from Yamaha in the mid 80’s & using Yam actions & frames the quality improved greatly.

Kemble also manufactured Yamaha u/r for the UK & Europe. Beware of some earlier 70’s to mid 80’s Kemble’s as the bass bridges can become detached from the soundboard due to glue breakdown.

Fuchs & Möhr (1970-1990)

Made in the GDR & Imported by Intermusic. Compact size & low price of the ‘Rhondo’ model made it a popular choice as a starter/intermediate. Low height = shorter bass strings, so tone was slightly compromised. Finishes were satin Teak, Light Sapelle Mahog. later darker Mahog. Or EP.

Barrett & Robinson (1887 - 1985)

Their compact upright pianos are typically seen in Satin Teak reflect the 70’s style! The soundboards were not very good so musically not very inspiring at all. They also produce Challen in the 70/80’s which were arguably better

Zender (1960-1980)

6 and 7 octave small instruments. Also sold under the ‘Giles’ name. Again very popular due to their small & very compact appearance but really a starter piano. Be aware of some issues with glues used on the case. They also produced a larger ‘Imperial’ model which was good & often ‘branded’ with the dealers name on. Typically Teak or Mahogany finishes.