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In celebration of World Piano Day on 29th March, we are highlighting all of the incredible doors that open when you let music, and specifically the piano, into your life!

What Is World Piano Day?

On the 88th day of the year (because a piano has 88 keys - get it?!) pianists from across the globe come together to celebrate their love for this incredible instrument.

Whether you are a seasoned player interested in learning something new about the way your instrument works, or a total beginner looking to pick up your very first starter piano, throughout the month of March, our experts will be providing fun, exciting and interesting ways to expand your musical horizons.

From industry leading deals on some of the incredible grand and upright pianos that we have in stock right now, to in depth reviews and advice panels to help get the most out of your current piano, there will be something for everyone to learn and get involved in this month.

Not only that, but as a way of celebrating the joys that the piano can bring people, we have been busy speaking to hobbyists, professionals and teachers to share their own love of the instrument and how it has changed their lives. If you’re looking for inspiration to start playing - you won't need to look any further!



So What Can You Expect On The Day?

Throughout the day, we have a whole host of demonstrations, masterclass speakers and even a live performance, so there's plenty to dip and dive into. Of course all content will also be saved and posted, so you can come back to it time and time again!


Kicking things off, our showroom experts will be walking you through three incredible demonstrations of common concerns and queries we often get when looking at pianos:

10:30AM - Digital Pianos With Ollie Finn

Here our Norwich showroom manager, Ollie will be running us through a special selection of some of our favourite home digital pianos, giving demonstrations of their sounds, features, tone and more. From the highest spec to some of the more entry level pianos, we'll walk you through everything you need to know before taking the plunge!

12PM - European Vs Japanese Sound With Ollie Finn

Next up, Ollie will be walking us through a whole host of incredible upright, grand and acoustic instruments from around the world. Here we'll be highlighting the key differences between the European and Japanese sound, how the two feel different and how that corresponds to the styles of playing they are best suited for.

1:30PM - The Importance Of Piano Tuning With Chris Vesty & Ollie Finn

To round off our demonstrations, we'll be speaking with our lead piano technician Chris Vesty on the importance of maintaining your instrument. Chris has been tuning pianos for over a decade now and knows all of the fine intricacies to keep your instrument in tip top condition. If you're piano is overdue a tuning, or you've never had it tuned before, we're sure Chris will demonstrate the incredible difference it can make! 


3PM - Jazz Masterclass With Robin Phillips

Following enormous popular demand after our previous MillersLive event, award winning jazz pianist Robin Phillips is back with us to give an expert masterclass in Jazz piano and how to improve your jazz playing technique. This is sure to be a fun filled set of laughter and jokes as well as offering some incredible insight from one of the UKs leading jazz pianists & performers.


5PM - Special Guest Performance From The Incredible Leanne Rae 

Star of the first season of Millers Music Lockdown Stories, pianist and sensational singer Leanne Rae is in our showroom to give an incredible solo performance of original and covers. Leanne's voice is powerful yet delicate, strong yet soft all melding into a kaleidoscope of sensational sound that is simply unmistakable. We're incredible excited to welcome Leanne into the showroom and know she will be sure to put on one heck of a show!

Want To See More?

Check out what happened at our previous Millers Live back in November! 

How Can You Get Involved?

To get involved and to fall in love with the piano this month, simply sign up to our newsletter using the form below and join us on Facebook,  Instagram, Youtube Channel, and Twitter for all of the latest news! Likewise, why not share your sound with the world by using the #MillersMusic to feature across our social channels. By signing up to our newsletter, you'll be the first in the know whenever we drop our flash sale deals or various events that we'll be hosting throughout March - it's as easy as that!