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Designed as an accessible introduction to their world of acoustic pianos, the Yamaha b-series represent Yamaha’s commitment to bringing the joy of music-making to as many people as possible. Yamaha’s investment into their Indonesian factory and the usage of their long-established production processes help to produce excellent instruments to kickstart one’s musical journey.

Yamaha has facilities in Kitami and Iwata that are responsible for all of their woodworking and ironmaking. The foundry in Iwata is of particular noteworthiness, as it makes Yamaha one of the only piano manufacturers in the world that makes their own iron frames, using their unique V-Pro vacuum-casting process.

Common features of Yamaha b-series instruments include hand-wound Japanese strings, maple-cored hammerheads, acrylic/phenolic resin keytops, and a celeste pedal that muffles the sound of the piano - often referred to as a practice pedal.

The b-series pianos are an immensely popular instrument for those looking to start learning, or for those looking to get their very first acoustic piano. These are also fantastic rental propositions; these pianos are excellent companions through to ABRSM or Trinity Guildhall Grade 4, after which we find many customers look to find a piano with a greater range of expression.


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For pianists who want a piano that will be a true partner in their musical endeavours, or those who want to offer their children the life-long gift of music, Yamaha offers a truly versatile, modern take on this storied instrument. With all the allure of an acoustic piano in a form that you can play without worrying about the time of day or those around you, these instruments will soon become an integral part of your musical life.

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