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Essential Piano Books For Beginners: 2022

Getting started with the piano can initially seem like a daunting task, with so many titles out there and for the most part being unable to physically see the book for yourself, many players struggle to determine which pieces are the best to help get them started on their journey, learn the basics and develop those crucial initial steps into falling in love with the piano. Thankfully though, thanks to our good friends at Presto Music, we have culminated a series of tried and tested books that we would recommend... Read More


Should I Repair My Digital Piano?

Whenever a digital piano either breaks or malfunctions, it’s always a sad time – for many these instruments are often either the first instrument that helped them fall in love with playing, or perhaps it’s been a trusty companion for many years and helped inspire a lifetime of play. However, nothing (and particularly in the world of consumer electronics) lasts forever and after plenty of playing or generally standing the test of time, components do wear out, short circuit or simply stop working.  Today we’re going to be discussing whether... Read More


Should You Buy A Reconditioned Piano?

It is well known that for the most part, acoustic pianos hold their value incredibly well and one common trend that is becoming increasingly popular within the piano world is that of reconditioned pianos, perhaps the most famous of which being Yamaha’s Recon (as in reconditioned) U-Series. Despite being anywhere from 50+ years old, these instruments are renowned for being incredibly sturdy instruments and are still widely recommended by teachers and musical connoisseurs alike. We sometimes even refer to the U-Series as the ‘workhorses’ of the piano world as for... Read More


Set Yourself Some Piano Goals For 2022

When it comes to learning the piano, or any feat or project in life for that matter, we believe that goals are important, they give us a sense of purpose, help us celebrate the little achievements and give a great realisation on how far we’ve come. When it comes to the piano, giving yourself small or larger goals can be a fantastic motivator to begin either a big project or for giving you a better focus on the right areas to put your efforts into. For those who use the... Read More


Things To Check Before Your Piano Is Tuned

When our piano tuners visit our client’s homes, they’re sometimes met with a few unexpected surprises that hinder them from being able to do the job to the best of their ability. If you have a tuning booked with us, or are looking to book a tuning for the future, this article is aimed to give you a quick checklist to follow before the tuner arrives in order to help save time, best diagnose your instrument and also offer a little guidance into the kind of things that may be... Read More


Finding The Right Piano For Your Room

When looking to purchase a new piano, many people are unsure on what size piano they need for their room. Even doing research, it can be difficult to tell what the differences are between certain types of piano, how they will sound in your room and how they may impact your home. Today we’re going to be discussing the main types of acoustic piano, the kinds of rooms they are suited to and things to consider when beginning your journey to finding the perfect instrument for you. If you are... Read More


Why New Year Is The Best Time To Learn The Piano

We love the new year. Across our 165 year history, we have often found that January usually brings with it a fantastic influx of new eager and enthusiastic musicians looking to embark on their musical journey. Whilst the New Year often leaves many with the ‘January Blues’, those who take up the joy of learning a new instrument as a new year’s resolution (and particularly if that instrument is the piano) are embraced into a rewarding and colourful world of learning something creative.  If you’re still sitting on that fence... Read More


Skills You Gain From Learning The Piano

It’s no secret that we absolutely love the piano, not only from a musical sense, but also from a people perspective. It’s an instrument that brings with it a plethora of both achievement and reward and as such, when you learn the piano, you learn more than just music. Today we’re going to explore skills that learning the piano can bring as well as a number of life lessons that it helps teach so whether you, your children or even your family or friends are looking to learn the piano,... Read More


How To Adjust To A Lighter or Heavier Piano Action

Have you ever had it where you go to practice on your teacher’s or a different piano to your own and suddenly your playing seems to drop significantly? Don’t worry, you’re not alone or stuck in the piano twilight zone, switching between pianos is something that almost all pianists will experience at one point or another and if you’re not prepared for it, it can take you by surprise! Whilst most of us play for fun, one time when this issue can become a legitimate problem is if we’re either... Read More


How To Learn The Piano Fast

Many of us are strapped for time, but want fast results. When it comes to learning the piano fast, there are a fair few things to consider and unless you’re putting large amounts of effort into your technical understanding, learning too fast can ultimately be incredibly detrimental to your overall playing and enjoyment of the piano. For those who are looking to learn piano fast, we’ll analyse the best ways to improve the efficiency of your learning and also a few tips to help you get the most out of... Read More