About Yamaha Pianos

Yamaha are the single largest producer of pianos in the world.Their name is synonymous with piano playing and their reputation for creating durable instruments is longstanding.

The Yamaha piano range is extensive and vast, offering a number of options for all playing styles, abilities and budgets. From their portable digital range with the likes of the P-45 and P-125, to their acoustic pianos such as the beginner friendly B-Series and iconic U-Series upright pianos. 

Our team have travelled the world, visited the Yamaha factory and continue to search the market for the best deals on Yamaha pianos to bring you amazing value.

At Millers, we see Yamaha pianos come and go all of the time and once you have found the right piano, it can easily last a lifetime.

We often have a number of models in the showroom to demonstrate and try. These instruments are typically either preowned or have been reconditioned and still have years of joy left to bring. 

*If you are planning on visiting us to specifically try Yamaha pianos, we highly recommend calling ahead to see which instruments we currently have in our showroom as our range changes frequently.

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Acoustic Pianos

The main two series that we see in the Yamaha lineup are the likes of the B-Series upright pianos that make for an ideal first acoustic instrument for new and progressing players and the U-Series, these are often reconditioned instruments that have been industry staples for many years, bringing a powerful tone and sharp response.

B-Series Models

Perfectly suited to those looking to either upgrade their piano from a digital to a real acoustic, or for those looking to get started with playing but want to do so on a quality upright instrument that will help support the early-intermediate stages of learning. The B-Series offer excellent value for money in a compact and sleek design that will help suit any home environment.

Yamaha B1 Upright Piano

Ideally suited to the modern home with it's wonderful legless minimalist design, the Yamaha B1 is the most compact of the B-Series upright piano range, making it ideal for those restricted in either budget or space.

These pianos offer a bright and light tone with an accurate response that is ideal for beginners to intermediate players looking for a quality acoustic upright piano to progress their learning.


Height: 1090mm, Width: 1480mm, Depth: 540mm, Weight: 174 Kg

Pre-owned Prices From: £2,999

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Yamaha B2 Upright Piano

Bringing a more traditional cabinet design but also a taller and larger soundboard, the B2 delivers a much richer and more complex sound to fall in love with piano playing. 

Whilst still featuring a signature bright tone that Yamaha is known for, the B2 is a fantastic learning companion for those looking to delve further into piano playing.


Height: 1130mm, Width: 1500mm, Depth: 540mm, Weight: 203 Kg

Pre-owned Prices From: £4,199

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Yamaha B3 Upright Piano

The largest of the B-Series pianos, the B3 stands at 121cm tall, making it the most powerful and dynamic piano in the range.

With the added height comes more definition in the sound and more ability to extract further nuance and possibility from your playing. 


Height: 1210mm, Width: 1520mm, Depth: 620mm, Weight: 237 Kg

Reconditioned Prices From: £4,799

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U-Series Models

Utilsing the pinnacle of Japanese craftsmanship and engineering, the Yamaha U-Series have been some of the best regarded pianos for teachers and students for the past 50 years. In particular, reconditioned U-Series pianos are still highly sought after and if you can find the right one for you, they can be instruments for life.

As many U-Series pianos are reconditioned or secondhand, when purchasing these pianos, it i important to see what work has been done to recondition them, we would highly recommend reading our guide to the Yamaha U-Series here.

Yamaha U1 Upright Piano

The smaller of the U-Series models, the U1 stands at 121cm, making it a nicely compact piano that is ideal for home use.

These instruments are perhaps best suited to those either upgrading from a digital piano to an acoustic, or for those looking for an instrument that will help carry them through the majority of their graded studies. 

Reliable and durable, a well reconditioned U1 is a wonderful choice and brings with it Yamaha's signature bright tone and sound.


Height: 1210mm, Width: 1530mm, Depth: 620mm, Weight: 228 Kg

Reconditioned Prices From: £2,999

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Yamaha U3 Upright Piano

The 'big brother' of the U1, the U3 has an additional 10cm in height, standing at 131cm. This added height gives the instrument a louder, more developed tone as the sound has added room to breathe.

Generally regarded as superior to the U1 due to the increased size, the U3 is ideal for those looking for an acoustic with added projection and control whilst still maintaining the durability and longevity that the U-Series is so well known for.


Height: 1310mm, Width: 1530mm, Depth: 650mm, Weight: 235 Kg

Reconditioned Prices From: £3,999

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Digital Pianos

Yamaha have a large and extensive range of digital pianos that are widely suited to a range of playing requirements. From humble portable pianos that are ideal for beginners to some of the finest digital products on the market, there is a Yamaha digital for almost anyone.

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We often see a number of Yamaha digital instruments come and go from our showroom. As digital stocks change so frequently, what pianos are currently in the showroom may be incredibly different from what is there the following day or week. As such, we highly recommend calling ahead to ask our experts which Yamaha digital stock we currently do have in.

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