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Time To Part With Your Piano?

Whether you wish to part-exchange, sell, or donate your piano, we are happy to help offer advice where we can. To make an enquiry regarding selling your current piano, click the button below and fill in the designated form.

Please note that we do receive many applications for selling pianos. We aim to reply to all sell my piano enquiries within 7 days however if you have not heard from us within 7 days, please assume that your instrument is not of interest to us at this time.

Sell Your Piano Application


Why Do We Purchase Pianos?

We have been buying and selling pianos for over 165 years. Our expert team combines a wealth of industry sales experience as well as our in-house Service Team to offer honest, unbiased advice that can help you make the right decision. Should you wish to sell your instrument you can expect great hassle-free service and fair prices.

We know that we may not always be the best way to sell a piano and for those looking to get more for their instrument, we do often recommend trying to sell privately, however this of course comes with the added cost of arranging delivery or collection of the instrument and finding a seller.

Assessment and Valuation

Pianos come in many shapes and sizes, valuing them can be an expert task as small details can often be overlooked. A common misconception is that all acoustic pianos are worth money when there are considerable costs in moving them as well as preparing them for sale, unfortunately many are not serviceable or simply not worth servicing.

In many cases our experts should be able to provide some quick advice based on a few details provided such as make, model, and finish. They will generally offer a guide price range for a private sale and as a part-exchange or purchase but this is subject to condition and will likely require an inspection.

Not sure what kind of piano your instrument is or if it has certain features that are desirable in a piano? Read our guide to overstrung or straightstrung pianos here.

If we don't maintain the instrument ourselves we may need to send a technician to visit, tune the instrument and fully assess it before we can commit to making a purchase.

This is chargeable at £120 but refundable should you proceed with a purchase.

Pianos generally require specialist movers and we taken into account all costs when offering a valuation. You can find details below:

  • Assessments by our technicians start from £120
  • Collecting an instrument start from £150 providing it is a simple ground floor with good access.
  • Disposal of an instrument incurs a scrappage fee of £110, this is last resort for us and we would prefer to rehome or donate if the instrument is serviceable

If you are interested then please fill out our form below which will begin the process quickly and easily. Our team will review and contact you either via email or by phone to discuss further, they may require some more information but all of this can be discussed.


Many customers wish to part-exchange their piano, this is a service we offer and something that sets us apart from many online dealers. A piano is a huge part of your musical journey, transferring your musical expression. Customers often upgrade their instruments over time as their musical skill or style develops, when downsizing or requirements change. With our experience in selling instruments of all kinds, expert in-house technicians, and our industry-leading rental schemes we can often offer very competitive part-exchange prices.

Piano transport and logistics - if you need a piano moved please view details of our specialist partner Butler Smith here.


Sell Your Piano Application