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At Millers, our expert technicians have been tuning and maintaining pianos for over 165 years. From concert grand pianos to historical upright home pianos, our technicians are able to help tune your instrument and offer expert advice to help maximise both performance and longevity.

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Why Do I Need My Piano Tuned?

Getting your piano tuned is essential to keep it in top condition – think of it as an instrument MOT.

With thousands of intricate moving parts and predominantly made from woods, wools and felts (as well as metal strings), changes in temperature and humidity inevitably affect the materials in the instrument. These changes can often be subtle and sometimes almost imperceptible to the person playing it – but they will gradually shift the piano out of tune.

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What Kinds Of Things Do Tunings Help?

The tuning process can uncover a number of issues, including keys that stick or don’t return correctly,  hammers that don’t strike the strings properly and many other small but important issues.

Our piano technicians’ standard recommendation is that a piano is tuned every six months, at least for the first four years in a new location, although if an instrument is used more heavily tuning could be required more frequently.

Meet Our Technicians


Dave has been tuning pianos with Millers for over 50 years! During that time, he's seen it all and knows his way around a piano like no other. From servicing to standard tunings, Dave is a master of understanding your instrument and approaches every job with not only a genuine care to see instruments in their best condition, but also to help deliver the most economic service possible.


The latest addition to the Millers tuning team is David, who has led an extensive musical career. Tuning pianos aurally since 1973, David began his tuning career with Steinway & Sons as an apprentice, in 1986 he then became the only tuner and technician at The Royal Academy of Music up until 2001 where he began tuning freelance. In 2010, he returned to the likes of Steinway & Sons, tuning incredible pianos across the South of England up until 2019. He has been freelancing ever since and continues to share a passion for the craft of aural tuning!

Our Services

Standard Tunings

Our standard tuning service lasts around 45 minutes to 1 hour and will restore your piano to the standard tuning pitch of 440hz.

We recommend that almost all acoustic pianos are tuned every 6-12 months in order to remain in optimum condition.

During this service our technicians will alos take a glance over the rest of your instrument, inspect delicate areas such as the felts, tapes and any sticking keys in order to see if any future work may be required on the instrument.

Pitch Raise Tunings

Pitch Raise tunings generally last around double the time of a standard tuning as every string on the piano will need tweaking multiple times. 

A pitch raise is essentially when an instrument has been left for a longer amount of time without being tuned and as such, the entire instrument has perhaps dropped a whole semitone, note or is generally not holding it's tune very well.

This process is a little more complex and multiple tunings may be required in order to restore the instrument back to standard pitch tuning.

In some cases, it may not be possible to perfectly retune the instrument back to standard pitch owithout the new pressure making the instrument collapse or the iron frame to crack. In these rare cases, our technicians will do their very best to ensure the instrument is still intune with itself, still making it playable with minimal difference to standard tuning.

Silent System Fitting

Iur technicians are fully qualified by some of the best piano manufacturers in the world and as such many are qualified to safely fit a number of silent systems. 

From the C.Bechstein Vario system to the KIOSHI retro-fitted silent system, we are able to help transform your acoustic instrument into a silent piano in no time at all!

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Repairing Pianos

Acoustic Piano Repair Work

Our experts will offer non-biased advice as to the best possible options when it comes to acoustic piano repair work as sometimes the cost of the repair does not warrant the cost of the instrument and it can sometimes be more financially viable to swap the instrument altogether, depending on the issue.

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