Sustainability Matters

Sustainability and our impact on the environment around us is something that everybody is more aware of. In the music industry we believe this extends beyond simply looking at our environmental sustainability, it extends to access and the sustainability of music in the communities we serve. We have developed a series of initiatives and programs working with local partners, organisations, and individuals in order to improve musical outcomes.

"We can change musical outcomes and reduce waste by reusing and recycling quality musical instruments"

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What's the problem?

Musical instruments are becoming a waste stream!

For years the music industry been incredibly sustainable, producing products that could be maintained and repaired for decades.

With the advent of more electronics and cheaper production, many newer instruments are now unrepairable. When they go wrong they are being replaced rather than repaired. Selling even relatively expensive digital pianos can be difficult, they are expensive to transport and warranties are often not transferrable.

How are we changing this?

We're trying to encourage re-use and recycle where possible. We have schemes to reuse instruments for rental or donation.

We're then working to donate to local schools and organisations, improving musical outcomes with the lifechanging benefits music can have.

Our Next Sustainability Event Starts Soon

Let's Go Circular @ Grand Arcade

Grand Arcade Shopping Centre

Friday 27th October, 10-5

Our Current Sustainability Drive

We need your help.

We have started our drive to collect instruments for our Christmas giveaway. You can see progress below.

We are looking for instruments to be donated to underprivileged children in and around the city who are currently being excluded from music.

If you could share with friends and family and help us to make a difference


Do you have any of these instruments?

  • Ukulele
  • Recorder
  • Violin
  • Cello
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Saxophone
  • Guitars (Electric, Bass, Acoustic, or Classical)
  • Keyboard/Portable piano

If they're not being used and you could spare them, you could help change lives by donating to our scheme.

Donation Application

See Our Current Drive Progress

We can't thank those who have already donated enough for their generosity and support. You can see the progress we have made in different categories against our goal below.

Wind Instruments

Previous Events and Activity

Let's Go Circular with Grand Arcade

Friday 27th October

We attended the second Let's Go Circular event in collaboration with Grand Arcade.
This year our aim was to raise awareness of the issues with instrument sustainability and begin our drive to recycle quality instruments.

£4500 donated

Repair Day

Saturday 21st October

The theme was Repair for Everyone. Stressing the need for a universal Right to Repair and measures that make repair accessible for everyone.
Launching the Right to Repair Declaration for the UK .

Digital Piano
Repair Day

Tuesday 26th September

Our friendly electrical engineer visited and repaired a batch of instruments for us, comprising some previous rental instruments, donations from clients, as well as a broken part-exchange.

98.6kg of instrument saved from landfill

Our Sustainability Goals

Reduce Waste

Reduce the waste from our activities in all forms, from packaging to fuel in our vehicles.


Highlight key information as a customer so that you can make an informed decision.

Reuse & Recycle More

Reuse existing instruments and accessories where possible.

Reuse with Rental

Our industry-leading rental schemes allow us to repair and reuse instruments that would otherwise go to waste. We maintain over 500 instruments on our rental fleet.

Maintaining Instruments

We still maintain around 2,000 pianos across East Anglia via our piano technicians.We part-exchange and repair digital instruments for sale or rental.

Our Achievements So Far


Saved from Landfill by Repairing Broken Instruments


Reduction in Showroom Energy Use


Happy Customers



Proud to work with

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