Blending Technology With Tradition

Since arriving on the market, silent pianos have taken over the acoustic (and digital) piano world by storm.

Offering the touch, prowess and tone of an acoustic piano that so many pianists are seeking whilst also offering the convenience and functionality of a digital piano and the ability to be played through headphones, silent pianos are highly sought after by those in need of an acoustic piano that is flexible to their needs.

Key Features Of Silent Pianos


The biggest draw to a silent piano is the ability to play silently through headphones, making them ideal for both child learners, those with close neighbours and those who wish to avoid outside distraction whilst playing.


Silent pianos offer what digital pianos can not, real piano touch and tone. Because they are placed on real acoustic instruments, silent pianos are unmatched when it comes to piano touch and sensitivity.


Depending on which silent piano system you choose, many can be fitted to both new and older pianos. So long as the instrument has 88 keys, even secondhand or older pianos can have silent systems installed! 

How Do Silent Pianos Work?

The Hammer Rail

Whilst all silent pianos vary slightly in approach, the idea is typically the same.

There is usually a thin rail placed infront of the hammers which, when the silent mode is activated (usually by pulling a small leaver on the underside of the piano) the fail will dip slightly infront of the strings, preventing the hammers from striking the strings and thus stopping the strings vibrating and making the piano silent.

The Sensors

This is where silent piano technology truly comes into its own.

For almost all silent piano systems, a sensor rail is placed beneath the keybed and will either use laser detecting technology or hyper senstivie sensors in order to detect how quickly and how powerfully the key has been pressed.

The sensors then record this information and pass it through to the system's processor. 

By having the sensors placed under the keybed, this ensures that the touch of the piano is minimally affected.

The Sample

After having recieved the information from the sensor, the system's computer will then interpret the sound and produce the correct tone and note at the correct dynamics. This is the exact same way that a digital piano functions, but grants you the feel of the acoustic piano. 

The samples used on silent systems do vary from brand to brand, however all can be compared to the kinds of samples found on high end digital pianos. For example the C.Bechstein Vario silent piano system takes their samples from a highly sophisticated recording of their D282 concert grand piano.

Controlling Your Sound

Depending on which silent system is fitted, some offer free applications that can be used in connection with an iPad or phone in order to control the kinds of sounds, samples and control that you would like to acheive from your sound. 

Even those without applications are almost all MIDI compatible, meaning that recording on a silent piano is also incredibly easy.

Want To Learn More About Silent Pianos?


Silent Piano Systems

These silent piano systems can be fitted either in our showroom or in your home, even after purchase of a new piano. The KIOSHI silent system can be fitted to almost any acoustic upright piano so long as the instrument has 88 keys. The C.Bechstein vario system can only be fitted to C.Bechstein, W.Hoffmann or Zimmermann pianos. For fittings of these systems, please contact our piano experts today.

Bechstein Vario Silent Piano System
Bechstein Vario Silent Piano System
Bechstein Vario Silent Piano System
Bechstein Vario Silent Piano System
Bechstein Vario Silent Piano System
Bechstein Vario Silent Piano System
Bechstein Vario Silent Piano System

Bechstein Vario Silent Piano System


Blending two worlds of state-of-the-art acoustic and digital pianos.

Now you can transform your C.Bechstein, W.Hoffmann or Zimmermann upright pianos into silent instruments that can be played via headphones.

The new C. Bechstein VARIO digital system enhances your acoustic piano with the features of a digital instrument. You can mute your piano, listen to yourself playing on headphones, record audio files, and share them with your family and friends.

Innovators of Musical Technology & Precision

Unique sensor technology

Optical sensors placed under the keyboard detect the even finest movements of the keys without impairing your play or marring the aesthetics of your acoustic piano.

The excellent play of an acoustic upright or grand piano results from the harmony between technology and master craftsmanship. The VARIO connect system extends the range of possibilities of your instrument as it establishes connections to digital devices.

Share, learn and compose

Connect your piano to a smartphone, tablet or notebook wirelessly over Bluetooth. Travel the world of music on your acoustic piano using creative apps for learning, playing and composing.

Silence whenever you want it

Sometimes you would like to play all by yourself, or play at night without disturbing your neighbors. This is made possible by the premium C. Bechstein interposing hammer bar, compatible with every model of upright and grand. Mute your instrument in the blink of an eye and enjoy your music on headphones.

The sound of a masterpiece

Enjoy the digitized voice of the best C. Bechstein concert grand pianos on headphones. The high-quality sampled sound stands out for its purity across the entire dynamic range, making individual notes tangible.

The system features two headphones jacks, so you can play silently in duet or have a friend or teacher listen to your play.

Digital functions

The VARIO app enables you to adjust various settings (reverb algorithm, key sensitivity, favorite sounds) to your personal taste. Moreover, you can establish a Bluetooth or USB-C connection to music apps running on your smartphone, tablet or notebook.
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KIOSHI Silent Piano System
KIOSHI Silent Piano System

KIOSHI Silent Piano System


Plug in your headphones, switch the lever and play your piano in silence with Kioshi. Practice whenever you want, without disturbing the peace. Kioshi Interactive Piano Silent System can be installed in almost any upright piano. 

But how does that work? 

Easy. After installing Kioshi, a mute rail will catch the piano hammer right before it hits. Every key will get its own sensor that turns your touch into MIDI data. Simply plug in your headphones and play in silence.  For more information on how the Kioshi silent system is fitted, view our guide here.

Turn the wheel!

Experiment with different tones. Let your creativity flow with more than 125 samples to choose from. Want to get inspired? Kioshi offers different demo songs you can listen to and play along with. The built-in metronome helps you to stay in the right rhythm. Expect some curious faces when you play Kioshi. That’s why we made sure there’s an extra headphone jack for people to plug along.  


Record and play back. 

Kioshi’s simple interface helps you to easily navigate through the multiple options. Press the record button and save your own masterpieces. Play them directly through your headphones or connect your devices via bluetooth and cable. Kioshi models loves the language of MIDI. 


  • Mute your piano without losing its touch (Optical Sensor Strip).
  • Record/play back.
  • Connect your piano to musical apps via Bluetooth or MIDI.
  • 128 different sound samples. 
  • Built-in metronome.
  • Maximum simultaneous Polyphony of 189 notes.
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Cable
  • MIDI
  • Aux
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Silent Pianos

These instruments have been already fitted with their associated brand's silent system. From the C.Bechstein Vario, the Kawai ATX silent system or the Yamaha SC silent system, there are a plethora of options available.