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Trade In The Piano
You Have For A New One To Love.

Repair & Recycle Your Old Instruments

Help us put your old piano to good use by either repairing it, or donating it to local schools.

Get Money Back On Your Instrument

We will value your current instrument and use the funds against a new one.

Shop Local This Holiday Season

Use our local delivery or click & collect service to minimise fuel and packaging waste.

Looking To Get Started With Piano? 

If you are looking to purchase your first piano for yourself, a child or other family member this christmas, our team will help guide to step by step to find the perfect instrument for your home. Contact our experts today or visit our Cambridge showroom.

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Our Values

We believe that giving back is about more than just discounts and pushing out new products. We want to help the planet, our communities and you by giving you options on what to do with your old instrument if you are looking to upgrade or trade in your current piano.

Help us find a new lease of life for your old instrument. Our experts will carefully refurbish, repair and find a new home for your piano to help someone else get started with music.

We also accept pianos for donation to support schools and charities on our Piano Equals initative.

Money Back When You Upgrade Your Piano

Trade in the piano you have for a new one to love. Personalised valuations for your instrument.

Support Local Businesses
This Christmas

Use our sustainable local delivery or click & collect services for your sheet music and musical gifts.

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Supporting Music In Your Local Community

Learn more about the work we are doing to donate instruments like yours to schools, churches and other community groups.

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Contact our team today for more advice and options.

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