C.Bechstein Concert 8
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C.Bechstein Concert 8

C.Bechstein Concert 8 Upright Piano

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The C. Bechstein Concert 8 represents the pinnacle of piano innovation and possibility. This completely uncompromising ultra-high grade upright piano delivers on every single note with pinpoint precision, tonality and expression.

Considered by many to be the best upright piano in the world, the Concert 8 has a depth and volume that surpasses many grand pianos. In every possible way this is an incredible instrument. The volume, tone, colour, touch, materials, everything about this piano is the culmination of centuries work in piano design and development and the end result is a joy to all of the senses.

Immaculate Manufacturing Technique

The radically re-engineered C.Bechstein Concert 8 upright piano follows the construction principles of the current concert grand production. The soundboard and frame have been completely redesigned and the action modified to allow even the most demanding of players to reproduce the subtle changes of tone and volume they require.

The Concert 8 integrated many features found in the C.Bechstein Grand Pianos, such as the tapered soundboards for improved projection, depth and volume. The deep and warm bass is balanced with singing mid tones and golden trebles. The overall tonal balance of this instrument is impeccable, and unmatched.

The Concert 8 has a thicker pin block, and longer tuning pins, giving better hold and control of the pins, resulting in a more stable tuning and consistent pitch. Details like a specially designed back frame, walnut hammerheaeds and Heller strings combine to help produce

Part Of A Rich Musical History

The C. Bechstein Concert 8 is a famed instrument, it has been used by everyone from The Beatles to Simon & Garfunkel, and can be heard on countless recordings around the world. Master technicians are trained especially to tune the C. Bechstein Concert 8, and each Concert 8 is regulated and voiced by the best technicians and builders at C.Bechstein in Germany.

C.Bechstein Vario Mute System

Remember that as with any of the C.Bechstein Piano range, we can fit a Vario system to the Concert 8 so you can play with headphones on! The Bechstein Vario system captures every detail of your playing dynamic and reproduces your performance and practice digitally. The Vario system is designed to be unobtrusive and is available in either black or white.

The control panel slides out from under the left hand side of the keybed, giving you a large touchscreen where you can access different instrument sounds, volume controls, recording options and other settings. For those a little more tech-savvy, you can connect your computer, phone or tablet via USB for full MIDI control, or you can use the audio inputs and outputs to either record to an external device or play along with your own choice of MP3s or CDs. If you’d like to add a Vario system to your C.Bechstein Concert 8, just enquire with one of our Piano Specialists. To learn more about this system, read our guide here.


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