Residence 124 Classic C.Bechstein
C.Bechstein Residence Classic 124 Upright Piano
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Residence 124 Classic C.Bechstein
C.Bechstein Residence Classic 124 Upright Piano

C.Bechstein Residence Classic 124 Upright Piano

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Rich and full of personality, the C.Bechstein Classic 124 is amongst the highest quality of upright piano with a timeless cabinet design the satisfies the eyes as well as the ears. Based on the simply iconic model 11 design which ensures the best sound quality and action response. The Classic 124 has a beautiful rich, well balanced sound and light, responsive action which make it a pleasure to play. The stylish classical case fits well in any home.

Unmatched Sound Quality And Manufacturing Technique

The C.Bechstein Classic 124 combines the best in precision manufacturing with traditional design to create a wonder that is truly unique. The soundboard is at the heart of producing the tone and sound of any piano, and the C.Bechstein Classic 124 uses a Grade 3+ Ciresa Spruce soundboard, known throughout the industry as the finest available. The soundboard is shaped to be thinner towards the edges, allowing for a greater flexibility and movement than most. The result is a depth of bass tone that you would usually only find on a far larger instrument.

Attention to detail is a common theme found throughout this instrument as the strings are produced in-house by C.Bechstein at their Czech Republic facility, and help produce the rich tone in this taller C.Bechstein Piano. Likewise, the hammers in the C.Bechstein Classic 124 are made from Walnut. Other high end Pianos may use Mahogany, and lower grade instruments a Spruce, but Walnut has a higher density and hardness that will translate every subtle nuance of your keystrokes into a wonderful and dynamic sound, particularly noticeable when played at a low volume.


Iconic Cabinet Design 

The cabinet of the C. Bechstein Classic 124 has squared corners for a more traditional appearance, and a fall which sits over the cheeks of the instrument. Standing at 124cm tall, the Classic 124 is one of the largest C.Bechstein upright pianos available.

It also has a particularly deep cabinet which further adds depth to the tone. As with all C.Bechstein instruments, this is not a mass produced Piano with just a digit in a serial number to separate it from the next, this is an individually hand crafted instrument, which is voiced and regulated to the needs of that precise instrument. This means that no two C.Bechstein Classic 124 Pianos are the same, just as no two works of art are the same.

Our piano specialists say this instrument has a fantastic touch and response, which is particularly noticeable at lower dynamics. The action is supremely well balanced and responsive across the keyboard, allowing for a superb range of expression. It has a beautiful tone and sustain, all the way from whispering to roaring, with singing mids and highs, and a golden, solid bass.

Our technicians say that the C.Bechstein Classic 124 is one of the best upright pianos available, with an excellent clarity that makes a clear tuning easy. They arrive with excellent voicing and regulation, and can be fine-tuned to the preferences of the individual player whilst maintaining the traditional C.Bechstein sound and feel.

Optional Vario Mute Silent System

Remember that as with any of the C.Bechstein Piano range, we can fit a Vario system to the Classic 124 so you can play with headphones on! The Bechstein Vario system captures every detail of your playing dynamic and reproduces your performance and practice digitally. The Vario system is designed to be unobtrusive and is available in either black or white. The control panel slides out from under the left hand side of the keybed, giving you a large touchscreen where you can access different instrument sounds, volume controls, recording options and other settings. For those a little more tech-savvy, you can connect your computer, phone or tablet via USB for full MIDI control, or you can use the audio inputs and outputs to either record to an external device or play along with your own choice of MP3s or CDs. Learn more about the C.Bechstein Vario System here.


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