W.Hoffmann T128
W.Hoffmann Tradition T128 Upright Piano
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W.Hoffmann T128
W.Hoffmann Tradition T128 Upright Piano

W.Hoffmann Tradition T128 Upright Piano

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The Hoffmann T128 Upright Piano is a joy to play, with a sensitive, controllable keyboard touch, and a wonderful warm tone from the lowest bass to the highest treble key. The sound is reminiscent of Jazz pianist Bill Evans, expressive and rich. This is the ideal instrument for a jazz pianist or classical player looking for a warm chord voicing.

The 128cm high cabinet affords this instrument longer strings than a more compact upright piano, and therefore a richer bass and warmer treble. As the Tradition series suggests, this piano is manufactured using traditional methods, by craftspeople. It is not a mass produced factory line instrument, it is an individually made musical instrument.

You’ll Love Playing This Piano for its Musical Quality

Manufactured in Europe by craftsmen and craftswomen, by one of the most renowned makers in the world; C.Bechstein. The W.Hoffmann Tradition T128 is not a mass-produced factory line instrument, this large instrument has been individually voiced for pianists who appreciate quality. The agraffes and the sturdy back posts guarantee durability, the handcrafted soundboard and ribs made of solid spruce and the top-quality hammerheads are made in Germany, individually selected and voiced by hand. The W.Hoffmann T128 Upright Piano has a rich and harmonious tone that’s very well balanced. You’ll instantly feel at home when playing it, as the keyboard has a sensitive touch that we can adjust to suit you.

A superior concert piano

This a truly European instrument, designed by C.Bechstein in Germany and built just over the border in the Czech Republic at C.Bechstein’s facility. At 147cm wide and 128cm tall, it has a wonderful warmth and strength of tone, with subtle mids and highs. When playing chords you’ll notice how the whole instrument sings. The handcrafted spruce soundboard and ribs allow the sound to envelop the player and audience.

As this is part of Hoffmann’s Tradition series, each T128 is given individual attention so that each Piano has the best tone and playability possible. Combining expert workmanship with the latest technology, this is a breath of fresh air in a mass-produced world. This is definitely a Piano for the quality-conscious Pianist, it will be treasured for generations.

Our Piano experts recommend to consider the W.Hoffmann T128 Piano to any customer who likes the Yamaha U3 or Kawai K500, but would like a softer, more European tone to match their playing. Our technicians say this Piano is easy to tune and stable once in tune. They particularly like the easy to remove and adjust practice pedal felt strip and can tell from adjusting the instrument that it was built to last, with solid components to the action and easy access to all points of adjustment.

Hoffmann Vario System Accessory

The Hoffmann Vario System is a digital mute that captures every detail of your playing dynamically transforming your acoustic piano into a digital instrument, empowering you to perform without disturbing anyone. Designed to be unobtrusive the control panel slides out from under the left-hand side of the keyboard, giving you a large touchscreen where you can access different instrument sounds, volume controls, recording options and other settings.


  • Back frame has solid braces made of medium-density pinewood
  • Soundboard and ribs are crafted from high-quality spruce grown in the Alps and carefully crafted
  • Iron frame cast in high-density sand
  • Agraffes guides for clearer sound
  • Case is made massive spruce and medium-density fibreboard


    147 cm
    625 cm
    128 cm

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