Rent Real Acoustic Pianos to Improve your Learning

Our industry leading acoustic rental scheme helps put real acoustic pianos in your home at an affordable price and with it gives these instrument a new life.

All acoustic rentals require specialist delivery.

Acoustic pianos have a minimum rental term of 12 months. Delivery costs from £149.

Rent Pianos from
£50 / Month

Rent Pianos from
£75 / Month

Rent Pianos from
£99 / Month

*Prices subject to individual pianos and the above pricing is used as a guideline. The pianos rented are not the exact instruments pictured above, but similar pianos will be provided subject to availability.

Real Acoustic Touch At Amazing Value

There is nothing quite like learning on a real acoustic piano. Particularly for those looking to enhance their piano technique, who are learning with a teacher on a real acoustic, or doing piano graded exams, having a real acoustic piano is a great addition to your learning.

We created our revolutionary acoustic piano rental scheme in order to help offer quality acoustic pianos at an affordable monthly rate.

This scheme allows for the flexibility of renting an instrument, with full assurance that if you want the instrument returned after 12 months, you still can, or if you decide to upgrade or purchase from us in the future, you may able eligable to use some of your rental money towards the new purchase.

Acoustic piano rental from £50/month

Newer acoustic pianos from £99/month

Silent Piano Options

Subject to availability, we do have a small selection of rental acoustic pianos that have been fitted with silent systems.

These pianos are still fully acoustic pianos, however have a small system inserted that can be toggled on and off. When on, the hammers no longer strike the strings on the piano and the instrument can be played silently through headphones. 

Learn more about silent piano technology here:

Silent Piano Technology

Money Back When You Upgrade!

We created the Rental Scheme as an easy, affordable and accessible way to get into music and offer people access to quality instruments to encourage their learning.

If you decide later down the line that you are then ready to purchase your rental instrument, we'll even offer back a percentage of the money you've invested.

Specialist Piano Delivery

Moving and delivering acoustic pianos is a difficult job and requires specialists to esnure the piano is delivered safely. We work with expert piano carriers up and down the country to ensure our rental acoustic pianos are transported safely into your home.

Please note that due to their weight and our rental terms, we are only to deliver acoustic rental pianos onto ground floors. Our experts will also need to know of any steps up to the property.

The delivery of an acoustic rental piano starts at £149 and is required at the start of the rental.