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The most sustainable way to play with up to 100% Money Back options

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Reduce the risk and save the environment

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Our Money Back Rental scheme 

Your new instrument in just 3 steps


Select the instrument you would liike to rent from our online application form. Most instruments have a variety of quality and standards to suit beginners, progressing, or more advanced players.
Full details are visible during the application process.


Once approved you will be sent an e-contract to sign and upload your ID, you will then be sent your first invoice.

You just need to set up a Direct Debit via our secure payment partner, GoCardless.


Once your instrument has been checked and is ready you will receive an email, you can collect your chosen instrument from our Cambridge showroom.
Just remember to bring a copy of your ID with you.

Why should I rent?

Our Rental Scheme has, for decades, been a popular way to get started in music but we believe it is even more important and relevant today than ever. Our scheme provides an affordable way into music with quality instruments from trusted manufacturers.

In recent years there has been a massive increase in inferior quality instruments produced and sold very cheaply. These instruments are often cheaply made, poorly setup harming the playing experience. In many cases they are difficult if not impossible to repair especially the electrical items, and can be very difficult to re-sell.

Our experts repair and recycle quality instruments, making music more accessible and sustainable, reducing unnecessary waste.

Have questions? Then take a look at our FAQs below or contact our team or 01223 354452.

Which instruments can I rent?


Portable Pianos


Our Portable Piano rental has been one of the most popular additions to our rental scheme.

All our instruments are from major manufacturers (Casio, Roland, Kawai, or Yamaha) with 88 fully weighted keys they are perfect for beginners, returning players, and those advancing beyond keyboards.

Instruments come in a padded carry case, included is the music rest and an upgraded sustain pedal. You can select stands and stools if required as part of the application process.




Our selection of quality String instruments has recently been expanded to includes not just starter instruments but a range for advancing players. We offer a variety of sizes from 1/16-4/4 for violin and 1/8-4/4 for cello.

Our Cello rental starts from just £20p/m with an option for better quality instruments (3/4-4/4 only) from £30p/m

All instruments come as outfits including a carry case, matching bow, and rosin.

Selection of instrument and size is available during the application process.

Take advantage of our Bring Back Friday offer on small size violins and cellos (1/8-1/4) and save 50% on the first month.
Use code BBF50 during application 



Our selection of quality instruments have been professionally serviced and include:


These are all perfect for beginners who wish to try their hand at Wind Instruments.

All instruments come as outfits with everything you need to get started.

Take advantage of our Bring Back Friday offer on Wind instruments and save 50% on the first month.
Use code BBF50 during application

Are there other benefits to renting?

Yes, we believe Rental can be an incredibly beneficial when learning an instrument and there are many benefits.

  • Save: Accrue rental monies against a future purchase
  • Flexibility: You can change the instrument type or size
  • Progress: Put money now toward lessons or learning and achieve your musical goals faster
  • Safer: Less risky than buying instruments in the secondhand market