Giving Young Learners The Confidence To Get Started

We often have many parents come to us worried about investing in an instrument only for their child to perhaps give it up a few months down the line. 

We understand this worry and instead of trying to sell either low quality instruments or leaving our customers stuck with the wrong instrument for them, we created our revolutionary Kickstart Rental Scheme.

This scheme allows for the flexibility of renting an instrument, with full assurance that if you decide the piano isn't right for your child, you can always return the instrument to us with no hassle!

Affordable Access To High Quality Instruments

If you don't love the instrument you're learning on, you're never going to fall in love with playing!

That's why our Kickstart Rental Packs are comprised of fully portable, weighted key digital pianos. These lightweight instruments are not only easy to store away, but can be carried right out the door!

As well as this, each instrument features a full 88 weighted key, this is essential for anyone who wants to learn piano as it allows for the expression and nuance within your play as your skills develop.

Money Back When You Upgrade!

We created the Kickstart Rental Scheme as an easy, accessible way to get into piano.

If you decide later down the line that you are then ready to purchase your own instrument from our showroom, we'll even offer back the money you've invested in your rental towards the price of the new piano you choose!


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