Giving You The Confidence To Start Learning!

Rent a plethora of musical instruments, from portable pianos to violins, saxophones and orchestral instruments.

All rentals must be collected at our Cambridge showroom and have a minimum rental term of 3 months.

Get Started With Music Without The Worry!

We often have many parents come to us worried about investing in an instrument only for their child to perhaps give it up a few months down the line. 

We understand this worry and instead of trying to sell either low quality instruments or leaving our customers stuck with the wrong instrument for them, we created our revolutionary Kickstart Rental Scheme.

This scheme allows for the flexibility of renting an instrument, with full assurance that if you decide the piano, violin or saxophone isn't right for your child, you can always return the instrument to us with no hassle!

Affordable Access To High Quality Instruments

If you don't love the instrument you're learning on, you're never going to fall in love with playing!

That's why our Kickstart Rental Packs are comprised of fully portable, weighted key digital pianos as well as a plethora of other orchestral instruments that can be carried right out the door.

Money Back When You Upgrade!

We created the Rental Scheme as an easy, affordable and accessible way to get into music and offer people access to quality instruments to encourage their learning.

If you decide later down the line that you are then ready to purchase your rental instrument, we'll even offer back a percentage of the money you've invested.

Ready To Go Setups:

Portable Pianos: 
An 88 Weighted Key Portable Piano
A Music Desk That Fits The Piano
A Basic 'Block' Sustain Pedal
Padded Carry Case.

Violin Of Your Chosen Size
Shoulder Rest
Carry Case

Cello Of Your Chosen Size
Carry Case

An Alto Saxophone With Mouthpiece
Carry Case
3 Basic Reeds
Cleaning Cloth

A Bb Clarinet With Mouthpiece
Carry Case
3 Basic Reeds
Cleaning Cloth

A Flute
Carry Case
Cleaning Cloth

Electronic Drum Kits:
A Tested Basic Electronic Drumkit
Carry Case
Drum Throne


Most instruments such as violins, saxophones, drum kits, clarinets and flutes only come in one size, however for cellos and violins, it is worth referencing the size guides below to help find the right size for your child. Most adults will always require a 4/4 size.


Sizing the violin is easy. Simply ask the child to stand straight with their left arm held out horizontally.

Then grab a tape measure or measuring tool and measure from the base of their neck to the centre of palm of their hand.

Then compare the length of their arm with the chart. This is the full length of the arm and should give enough of an indication to base a violin sizing from.


If you are unsure on how to size a cello or what size you may need, firstly, speak with your teacher who will be able to advise. For those looking for a rough guide however, age is a good way to give a rough indication on which size cello a child may need, of course this may vary slightly based on the arm length of the child.

AgeCello Size
3-5 Years Old1/10 
5-6 Years Old1/8
6-7 Years Old1/4
8-10 Years Old1/2
11-13 Years Old3/4
14+ Years Old4/4